We all have often wondered what quality or trait differentiates a genius from an average Joe?

More often than not, an average person in his personal or professional life directs his energy towards solving problems without as much as taking a step back to even consider if the situation at hand is actually a problem or a mere symptom of a bigger problem.

This is exactly what a genius does differently. A genius identifies a real problem from a symptom masked as a problem and goes to the root cause rather than wasting time on superfluous manifestations of the problem.

Let us understand this from our everyday lives: Over our individual life journeys, we have all met people extraordinary at their craft, their work as well as those bounded and shackled down by personal limitations; and we often wonder to ourselves, what is it that’s getting them to do what they do and what is that is getting them to do what they don’t want to do.

People with limitations usually complain of problems like procrastination or lack of focus, lack of clarity or motivation. These are classic examples of ‘symptoms of something’ where the problem could stem from almost anything in our lives; from lack of unity in the family, or a certain unwanted feeling at specific moments, or other similar personal limitations.

The challenge? Can you identify the problem? You’re running a business or you’re in a job, or you are in the certain situation where all that is required is to change that one thing to achieve personal genius BUT even though it is obvious and in plain sight, you may not know it.

Geniuses instinctively go for the problem, but for an average person, it is imperative to first be able to correctly identify the problem to be able to invest their time or focus succinctly to resolve such obvious but complex matters.

However, identifying the problem is never easy and a specialist in the field of EIT are equipped to identify the changes required in a person for them to get the life they want.

How does a specialist know this? Their experiences that support effective use of EIT allow the specialist to know this intuitively. They possess the art of arriving at definitive changes that need to be implemented first. Because once those most obvious things limiting our lives have been altered; like a certain quality, or behavior, or belief about ourselves; then our entirety will be transformed. The only drawback? You may not even know what the change work actually was?

So the question is: The obvious solutions to reaching personal excellence are lying around the corner but are you trained enough to detect them?


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