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“In the next century, as we look ahead, leaders will be those who empower others”

                                            —  Bill Gates, co-founder Microsoft Corporation

Do you consider Bill Gates to be a powerful leader? Yes, the co-founder and former C.E.O of Microsoft Corporation, also consistently ranked among the world's wealthiest people. Of course, he is one of the most powerful leaders in the world!

What about J.K.Rowling? Hands down! Absolutely!

She was poor, hopeless, and in a pit. She had no choice but to pull off a miracle! A masterpiece, and she did! She was determined to climb uP! J.K Rowling, an NLP Master and a timeless leader, sold more than 400 million copies of the Harry Potter series and today is considered one of the most successful writer in history.

The truth is, greatest leaders in the world were where you are today, at some point in their life! And to rise uP! was their only choice. Isn't that true for you too? 

Its undebatable that Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey are some of the people who use or have used NLP for their own development and leadership. 

Now lets face it, leadership is one of the most intriguing yet confusing fields in the world today. There may never be one exclusive definition of a leader. And everybody wants to become a leader.


Leadership has got nothing to do with job title or pay grade, so being a senior manager or a director at a company does not mean you are leader, yet. You will discover as you read further what would shape the leader in you and would make you an irresistible, authentic and powerful leader today.


YouYes, you can be the unstoppable leader. You may be software engineer or a manager in tech, a motivational speaker, a director at a blue chip company, industrial designer in a toy company, or pilot in an airline. uP! Leadership makes you the most powerful, charismatic, authentic leader you can imagine. Guaranteed. Because you owe it to yourself and you are just about to discover how, now.                      

  • uP! Intuition – Build Timely and Accurate Intuitions
  • uP! Vision – Discover The Exciting Place That Brings People Together
  • uP! Charisma – Make Your Presence Felt and Have A Magical Persona
  • uP! Persuasion and Influence –  Bring Your Vision to Reality. Savor Excellence
  • uP! Communication – Sound Like an Authentic Leader

All of this is guaranteed to make you an Unstoppable Leader. Aren't you glad to be here right now? 

Now Let Me Show You How…

1) uP! Intuition – Great leaders Have Incredible Intuitions

Develop Timely and Accurate Intuitions at uP!withNLP because as a leader, Your intuitions come in handy when you are recruiting people, when you are choosing life partner or taking a crucial business decision.

How Powerful would your Intuitions become after your experience at uP!withNLP?

The kind of intuition I am talking about can save you decades in your life, millions of dollars, save your relationships from going sour and can save pretty much every aspect of your life when you are able to develop a superior, timely and accurate intuitions. Those are guided by mechanisms of non verbal communication with people as to your intuition constantly updating your map of the world.

So, lets say you are at one of the most important meeting of your life so far and you are about to close the biggest deal for your company. And after you finish the meeting and on your way back you realize oh! I should have said this,why did I not bring this to the table back then? And you don’t know if your intuitions are accurate. This won’t cut it. And remember, you don’t have to live like that!

Now you begin to value the Timely and Accurate Intuition so you need to seize the opportunity at hand and act on the it and have a way to confirm that its accurate!

You need Timely and Accurate Intuitions Installed right now at uP!withNLP Program. 

A Great leader walks their talk! I learned to get inside and understand people and people challenges and fix them at the process level of beliefs and habits. No books teach you that! That is why I recommend the uP! with NLP Program to you! ”

                — Sanjay Srivastava, Head of Sales, Vodafone



 2) uP! Vision – Discover The Exciting Place That Brings People Together  

 “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”         --Warren Bennis

Here's a little newsflash: You’re not a great leader if you don’t have a grand vision now but a grand vision can, sometimes, be tarnished by memories of failure in the past endeavors, disbelief in abilities, inadequate relationship building skills, lack of congruence with your deeper self clubbed with the fear of taking risk is the perfect recipe for disaster that makes your vision look hazy which doesn’t motivate you to make a powerful impact and it rightly shouldn’t to protect yourself from undesirable failure.

If any of this is true for you, regardless to what magnitude, we need to flush this out now!

You want to learn to overthrow all of this permanently at the uP!withNLP Program where you learn to:

2.1) Get rid of unresourceful memories, suggestions and beliefs planted by people who may or may not have had the best of intentions when they planted them in you.

2.2) Program and Strengthen Your Core Beliefs by precise NLP Tools and learn to install new habits today, remember the people I mentioned at the start of this page? They’re probably nodding their heads right now in full agreement.

2.3) Discover What Drives You using Submodalities and access to the part of  your mind that makes images that ignite passion in you and eventually program your neurology to make this process automatic so you don’t have to remember to do this every time.

2.4) Integrate parts of you that conflict with one another so you set an intention and you achieve what your heart desires by mastering parts integration at uP!withNLP.  Monumental Visions Begin Here 


Researchers have noted that as a byproduct you may find yourself a lot more creative than you currently are after the uP!withNLP Experience. Experts agree, the whole Harry Potter series is full of NLP concepts.

“If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.”

                                —  Azim Premji, Chairman Wipro Limited

Now imagine what if all of this becomes true for you, what would a day in your life be like? Or hold on to that thought.

3) uP! Charisma - Make Your Presence Felt and Have A Magical Persona

Charisma (Love) in the air

Ever had a time in your life when the world was extra giving to you? probably bend a rule or two for you? what were you doing to elicit that response? Who could deny that congruent smile that radiates from within and conveys powerful emotions.

Great, now learn to make it happen at will and on demand, whether you are meeting an investor or are on a date with the man/woman of your dreams by learning the internal programming necessary to make your magical presence felt.

“Influence happens before you start speaking”

                               — Antano Solar John (Regarded as the Finest NLP Trainer in the World in words of Dr. John Grinder, co creator of  NLP and New code NLP)

Imagine this, you are at a conference and you are waiting for the presentation to begin, and someone enters the room and no one in the room knows who this person is, and suddenly everyone stops what they are doing the and command respect to this person, its not just the business formals, its the aura, the persona, the charm that the person brings is a result of some level of internal programming they have access to  that they’re radiating outwards.

At uP!withNLP, you program yourself to be a charismatic leader so you make your magical presence felt wherever you go!  

4) uP! Persuasion and Influence –  Bring Your Vision to Reality. Savor Excellence

Get your ideas bought. No matter how radical it sounds. 

Greatest of leaders have this amazing ability to persuade effectively! You need this if you are going anywhere close to them.

Have you been in a situation where you attempt to persuade your manager about a certain decision and he disagree, but your colleague says the same thing, in just a different way and the manager is super-excited about it and agrees to the decision. How did this happen?

That's the art of "Framing" is where you attach a meaning to a context. Your ability to maneuver it based on your manager’s current reality wins you the deal. The same applies with your wife, your kids and your social circle. Its a very precise skill, you learn at uP! with NLP. So much so that it becomes a habit, unconsciously you use it in situations that demand such a skill.

Imagine all the situations you would use this and what results you would evoke. That is the class of an uP! leader. Now, you'd have the ability to persuade anybody for anything that is mutually useful. Guaranteed. 

“Leadership is Influence – Nothing more, nothing less”

                                                          –John Maxwell

4.1) Leverage Powerful Language patterns and let your words do the magic

4.2) You learn to pick uP! nonverbal feedback to collect results and tweak your influence on a second-by-second basis absolutely unconsciously at uP!withNLP Program. This is your personal mechanism to know what's working. 


Researchers have noted that despite your conscious intervention your tonality and communication changes after the uP!withNLP Program. And we haven’t found how this incredible magic happens but its guaranteed to happen to you after the uP! withNLP Program.

You might want to record your current tonality and communication right now. And compare that with another recording you make after the uP! with NLP Program.

Get Acceptance As A Leader – Making The World Recognize You As A Leader at uP! Leadership

“The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers” 

                                                             — Peter Drucker 

By now, you are guaranteed to have tons of followers, but wait there's something missing.... 

5) uP! Communication – Sound Like an Authentic Leader

At uP! with NLP, You learn how a powerful leader creates a word-of-mouth epidemic while starting from ground uP! by talking like a leader!

“I built my sales career from zero to become the world best motivator by using NLP”

-­- Anthony (Tony) Robbins, World Leader and the best-known success coach in the world

After uP! with NLP You will Discover Just How Much Your peers are giving you one of their most valuable possession — Attention!

Do you want to spark a revolution with your words now? Enroll to the uP!withNLP Program now and unleash the leader in you!

How you can test this, is, when you speak in public after completing the program, you will discover that your peers are breathing like you now, just along with you they are in a world you have transported them to with you. This is an incredible skill treasured and practiced by only a handful of authentic leaders, you develop through unconscious rapport, NLP Metaphors, and powerful state elicitation as you bind them with you.

You may also discover now that you might have gifted them with more resourceful beliefs that you would otherwise been almost impossible. Your people would love to see you in action. 

I challenge you, talk to your peers as who you become after the uP! Leadership Program and you won't even have to remember any of the techniques, they’d have become a part of your identity by now! Thats what we call Excellence Installations for uP! Leaders. Do you want to communicate like a powerful leaderEnroll in the uP!withNLP Program Now!

uP!withNLP is one of the most powerful technology used by some of the most powerful Leaders. Your Move! Sign uP! Fill out the contact form and become an unstoppable, authentic and powerful leader today!

Don't get left behind, leverage the technology used by proven leaders like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, J.K. Rowling and many more. You owe it to yourself


Life is short! Seats are limited! Discounts are available. Contact us or sign uP right away.

What are some of the Leaders doing after the uP!withNLP Experience? 

“At Up with NLP, one thing which underlies everything that one learns is ‘Calibration’. It is so important that there is dedicated time spent on that. As a leader, I think this is what gives the leader a cutting edge. Everyday, leaders need to define vision and goals and influence people to achieve them. The better they are able to calibrate, the more chance they have of being effective. Calibration is an active process, it requires a leader to be actively engaged with his/her environment at all times so they can respond to stimulus appropriately. It allows them to flex their style and be really present in the situation and with the people whom they are leading. Personally, I think my calibration sharpened beyond my imagination post this workshop. I feel I have more power as result of this !"

                          — Neelima Chakra,  Ernst & Young

uP! with NLP + Leadership (NLP Practitioner International Certification Included)

Learn what it takes to earn the Most Coveted International NLP Practitioner Certification Today



This is what you get from uPwithNLP

  • World of New Possibilities open up for you
  • Influence people subtly, yet with precision
  • Become a powerful communicator; one of the greatest assets you can have - your most precious wealth and weapon in today's world
  • Take charge of your emotions and experience personal Freedom
  • Ability to get into a Peak Performance state anytime you desire
  • Program yourself Ahead of Time to be optimal and resourceful, in any challenging situation
  • Get over any limiting beliefs you may have had that could have held you back from doing what you want to do
  • Flush out phobias, addictions, fears and compulsions forever
  • Become an Agent of Change - on yourself and on others
  • Set Success on Auto-pilot such that every passing day, you find yourself accomplishing more and more
  • Experience that Magical Balance in your life that Supercharge your Personal and Professional Life uP with finesse

    Get the wisdom to pick out of your menu of possibilities. Enjoy your palette of colors. Make your own colors and tunes. Know which shade to pick for which object. 


What the World Leaders say about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

"NLP has metamorphosed into an all-­‐purpose self-­‐improvement program and technology." 

-­‐ Time Magazine


"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence."

-­‐ Modern Psychology



"NLP produces results and improves rapport. I want all my staff to attend the training."
-­‐ James Olson, former chairman, AT&T


Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Strategist speaks about programming your mind for a lasting transformation and success. uPwithNLP gives you the tools to be able to do this.

Learn from the NLP Wizards

Antano and Harini are two of the finest trainers available in NLP at the present - Dr. John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP & New Code NLP)

Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran (Playback Singer Megha) have directly learned from the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and  are Certified Trainers of NLP  by Dr. John Grinder (Co-Founder of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Caroll. They have also contributed to the field of NLP in tremendous ways and are continuously extending the reach of NLP in various fields and pushing its limits. 

More on the trainers:


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One of the most important components of leadership is to know what is happening around you and to know yourself best. Influence and building great rapport just happens automatically. At uP! with NLP, this is one of the many things I took home with me”           Padma Gupta, Director of  HR, Häfele



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