Training the Trainer

T         T        T

Training                           the                           Trainer


                   Using Latest Developments in

   Neuro  Linguistic  Programming



A 3 Day Workshop using the Latest developments in Neuro Engineering to Set your Training programs and your skills as a Trainer move in the direction of increasing Excellence everyday.





Are you:

An Experienced Trainer?

Someone who's been into Training and has had reasonable success?

An Experienced professional looking at making a Fantastic entry into the field of Training?

Curious to know what some of the latest Developments in the Training field?

Are you Passionate about Training and Coaching?

Wouldn't you love to make thrice as much money doing what you love to do most?!


If your answer is "Yes" to even one of the above, then this workshop is for you!



What’s in it for You?

  • Breathe Excellence All the Way Down in your very own passionate domain of Training
  • Equip yourself with the Latest Developments in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming that you can directly Bake into your Training programs
  • Elicit emotional states from your Learners that is most useful for Learning and Application
  • Lead them on, just using your powerful non-verbal language
  • Learn NLP Models that are best-fits in your Training
  • Program yourself Ahead of Time to be in Peak-Performance states in Any Training you Deliver using the Latest Developments in New-Code NLP
  • Learn the Art of Influencing anyone in your training program using the subtle, yet powerful techniques of NLP, including the “difficult” people


Whatever your domain is – Technical or Leadeship :

Are you equipped inside out to engage your listeners and allow for skill building and personal transformations?




This Trainer's Training is a certification course and you will be certified as a Certified Corporate Trainer


School of Excellence is the only institution that gives you a platform to integrate NLP in your Training program with One-On-One Coaching on the last day, on Your Domain, as part of the course.


Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to apply and practice the skills and integrate everything you have learned right before you finish your course.




Special Offer till 26th May

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