In our day to day life, we keep shifting our states and identities. Occasional we assume someone else’s identity. Sometimes for fun of it or mostly to learn a trait of that person. A basic demonstration of that is a son pretending to be his dad. We may find that to be cute and it may crack us a bit. But that is a very innate skill as human we are gifted with.

On the contrary, you may also have seen kids getting angry or short-tempered and parents or one of the parents exuding the same signs. That is the danger of this innate talent that the information is unfiltered and a direct input. One may say that “oh, It doesn’t impact me” or “I don’t believe in that”. But over time they do feel the blunt of it. An easier option is to train the brain.

Yes, train the brain. Actors do it all the time, professional ones. I personally believe the actors are best learners. They learn details that can’t be documented by observing from far. And it can only be done by assuming the identity of the person. But while embracing any identity they keep in mind that they need to go back to the form and shape of they were before they became someone else. They don’t stick to a character that they became in the process. Some call it Method acting. Theatre artist does it all the time.

When an actor adopts someone else’s identity they become them. For example, an actor takes on an identity of a pregnant lady. When she does that her psych and physic shifts. And she in her mannerism and character depicts a person that is pregnant at that moment. And this is the easy part, anyone can do this. A professionally trained actor, however, will know the wisdom to come back to its original shape and form after the act is over.

A lot of time a lot of our character comes from our parents, grandparents, and surrounding. It takes a village to raise a kid may not apply to the current culture of nuclear families literally. But we always have someone around us to take on characters of and when we come to have these characters we need to have our guards up to protect our health and filter the ideas, beliefs or strategies that allow us to grow.

While during the learning or performance of a play or skit taking on a role can be proof of one’s talent. Taking that character off also is equally important. And it should be effortless and that’s where training our brain to do this for us is a very critical capability. Same thing applies to an idea, propaganda or suggestion. Taking on a character and becoming the idea can allow us to see consequences clearly but if we don’t come back to a neutral state, all our efforts can be polluted with the idea and consequences of those ideas. If the idea is good every moment invested is a milestone but if it is not this skill can save you from grave dangers.

This is one of the points Antano highlights during uP! events and here is a link to the video where he talks about this.


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