uPwithNLP Super Master Practitioner, Thailand - September'13 - DAY 1

You've experienced magic & transformation at #uPwithNLP. Getting over personal challenges, beginning to influence better & get the results you want, helping people around, experiencing personal freedom, being a class apart. WHAT NEXT?

#uPwithNLP Super Master Practitioner explores levels of Human Excellence rarely treaded on. A pre-requisite to this requires that the participants already have Superior Capabilities. Installed. at uPwithNLP.

When we wrote to Dr. John Grinder & told him "this" is what we want to do at the #uPwithNLP Super Master Practitioner, he said, some of the pre-requisites to achieve what we intend to is:
That the participants are trained by us (Antano & Harini)

  • Ability to get into Know-nothing peak states on demand
  • Ability to detect Spontaneously Occuring Signals (SOS)
  • Some mastery of language patterns
  • Content-process distinction

What we intend to achieve at #uPwithNLP Super Master Practitioner:

  • Start & Finish a Project impossible to complete in 7 days
  • Conversational Hypnosis
  • Full fledged NLP Modeling - significant mastery over the new skill
  • Create your own NLP patterns
  • Health on peak
  • Super Mastery over Patterns & Skills learned at uPwithNLP (Practitioner level)

Day 1:

Well, you've explored know-nothing peak states in a variety of different ways in your life and specifically at uPwithNLP, Alphabet game and more…

We spend Day 1 now exploring Getting into Know-nothing states in a couple of seconds! Using Physiology to get into these states.

Getting into resourceful states by altering physiology in a specific way that no matter what state you are in (however unresourceful), you go into a profound, useful know-nothing state in the context at hand.

Being in the moment and allowing your fullest to just come out in a way you surpass your own expectations and go beyond. Mastery to get into these states QUICKLY…. That was the focus today.

In addition, exploring spontaneously occurring signals to detect states of mind, taking mindful action, fine tuning intuition all the way.

Another deep focus today goes into Mastering Language patterns from know-nothing states….in a way that it just flows out of you…. Mastery in depth…. In a way you become a cannot-ignore, super attractive conversational hypnotist in a variety of different contexts….

Don't you come across people, they open they mouth and speak - you are just convinced! It's what they say and specifically HOW they say that makes all the difference… Mastery of the states & delivery & skill….

Day 1 - On in Full swing! And it's not time for lunch yet!

Day 2:

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