NLP Training in Bangalore

NLP Training in Bangalore and How it can Change Your Life!

10 Things NLP can do for you IMMEDIATELY

  1. Be More Successful in everything you Start

  2. Make better Decisions

  3. Increase the Choices in Your Life

  4. Learn Anything Faster and Better

  5. Get the thinking of Rich & Successful People

  6. Learn from the Mistakes of Others

  7. Grow in every aspect of your Life

  8. Enrich your Relationships

  9. Get Clarity and Confidence

  10. Get Recognition Quickly and Easily

  11. Shine Like a Star and Blossom

  12. Live in Harmony with Self and Others

  13. Discover Yourself

  14. Understand How People Think, Learn and Grow

Little Known Ways to Learn NLP Easily

The secret to learning NLP quickly, and well, is to use NLP to Learn NLP. Simple!

Hold on… What does that exactly mean?

NLP works by helping people create New Habits.

What is a Habit? If you do something repeatedly and well enough, you start doing it automatically. Simple!

What is you make NLP a habit? I mean…


What if you make the following your personal habits?

  • Confidence

  • Positive Thinking

  • Learning from Mistakes

  • Trusting yourself

  • Thinking Big

  • Charisma

  • Influence

  • Connecting with People

  • Building Relationships

What if, somehow, someway - you do all this habitually, everyday, easily?

Welcome to the World of uPwithNLP!

I can guarantee you this is one of the quickest, fastest and easiest ways to Learn NLP.

Now, there are patterns of thinking that lead to Excellence. There are behaviours that lead to excellence. There are a whole set of patterns that help one become a better communicator, learner, influencer and so on…

Now, you can know about NLP. You can even know NLP. And what is better is to make a habit of NLP.

Habit of a new way of thinking, a new language, a new set of behaviours to get the life you want.

This is the easiest way to Learn NLP. Make a Habit of it.

NLP has powerful ways to teach people new habits quickly and easily. We call them as UnConscious Installations.

So, combining the full force of your conscious as well as unconscious resources, you can leverage your full potential to Learn NLP Quickly and Well.

We have designed a super special and exclusive program based on years of field experience to make this easy for you. This program is called uPwithNLP, meaning go uP in your life with NLP and also standing for Unconscious Patterning with NLP.  

I can guarantee you Learning NLP this way will Change Your Life. And this is my promise to you...

Give me 6 Days and I will Fulfill All Your Dreams


I have spent 50 Lakhs, yes Half a Crore, and years studying and Mastering the Art of Human Excellence. I have travelled around the World to learn from the source. The creators and the early contributors of NLP. Years of Practice, Research and Application in various Fields.

I am a serial entrepreneur, was one of the youngest CTO and International Author…


Along with my good friend, we have combined all this to make ‘Miracles’.

‘Miracles’ in health, business, relationships and so on… and you can read some of them just below.


In fact, the co-creator of NLP recognizes our work enough to comment that he anticipates new contributions from us that will expand the field.

“John’s quote here”

I am taking all of this along with my partner who is equally or maybe more experienced in a variety of ways and delivering a special 6 Day program that will transform your life. A program that will give you

  • ABC

  • XYZ

We have done it repeatedly and successfully before in Bangalore and will continue to do it again and again. Following are some samples of the life transforming experiences our participants have had. As you can see from these examples, the results only grow with time. I mean the impact of the program gets larger, bigger and more deeper every week and every month after the program.


Case Studies Here



Due to the continuous success of our programs, the demand has been continuously increasing. And, we have limited seating.

Infographic demonstrating number of participants and house full logo of previous bangalore batches.

When we started 2 years ago, the average price was Rs. 35,000/- and average strength 20 people

Today the average price of the course is Rs. 68,000/- and average strength 40.

We Practice what we Preach! Our Business has Quadrupled!

And this offer is time bound. Honestly, participants who take the program value it more than 2 Lakhs. And it will be 2 lakhs very soon. This may be the last 2 batches at this Price.

Batch Date Details

This is a steal considering top CXO’s pay me Half a Lakh for 2 hours of my One to One Session.

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The Impact only Grows with uPwithNLP

Have you seen a tree grow? Initially there is just a seed. And then it grows. And it keeps growing.

uPwithNLP is just like that.

in those 6 Days, you experience Life Transformation only to recognize that it just the begining of a whole world of opportunities that follow your learning with us.

More Case Studies of People whose Lives Have Been Transformed.

Every Journey begins with a single step. Your Life Changing Journey is just a step away.

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Who has benefitted from uPwithNLP?




Business Owners

Large Organizations


More Examples:



Is it a NLP Practitioner Program?

It is not a NLP Practitioner Program but it includes NLP Practitioner Training & Certification

I can guarantee you Learning NLP this way will Change Your Life. And this is my promise to you...

more introduction to uPwithNLP

testimony (A practitioner said yesterday, “I was trying to get a better job for a long time that was eluding me. After the 6 day course, some things changed. I was more confident and approached and attended job interviews better. Still nothing happened. Then when talking to Priyadarshinii and did the exercises of goal setting and writing it down something magical happened. I got past interviews and took on another job very close to my house and very interesting one at that. First time in lifer I don’t have to travel 2 hours each way for work. I am 10 mins away from home. The job has opened better opportunities for me. “ [ Prajna Rao]

1.I was able to get rid of my past memories which was Hautnting me - Vish reddy( Aditya’s friend)

2. I feel really relaxed and calm even in Situations which before used to work me up - Arvind Rowth

3. I feel like a extremely new person with change of perceptions & able to control my thoughts - Maithalli

4. NLP has thought me to be more relaxed and calm and i use the same on my clients who face a lot of challenges in their every day life and it works wonders - Pooja Naik

5. I will be taking up the course in November in Mumbai but the Pre - Course mails sent directly by the Trainers are really exciting and makes me feel i am already doing the Course - Anu Warrier

6. I was very much worried about my future as I was not confident, but uPwithNLP has helped me to improve my confidence level, now I am tackling all the problems very easily like a tiny problem, but earlier these problems were looking like never ending and very complicated ( Suman - Chennai batch)

testimony (FILL IN)

Warning: Most Trainings are exciting only during the Training.

You may have experiences where you did a training that appeared fantastic but after the course 'No tangible' results in the long run.

This is exactly the problem we have fixed. A Program that rewards more and more even after the training.

The results fom uPwithNLP will get better and more fascinating with time. When you finish 6 days, you are amazed at what you get. And this is just the beginning. What happens after that is pure Magic. See for yourself what our participants have to say.

< Ashish /Start>

Are you the kind who believes in non linear growth? Can you recollect the time when you completed a challenging task with limited resources or were a catalyst to such an event. What would it be like if you would make this happen day after day in your life.

How do you make good decisions, give a great performance, device a powerful strategy such that it becomes a habit? Learn from the experts as they have made it true for 500 Practitioners( and Master Practitioners combined) while some are awestruck, the others just wish they could be as good as them. There are some who are committed enough to take the 6 day journey that changed their lives.


<Ashish /END>

Case Study A: Pre, after 6 days, after few months (FILL IN)


Case Study B: Pre, after 6 days, after few months (FILL IN)

Choose A Life Filled with Excitement and Results that only gets better with Each Passing Day!

5 Reasons Why people, including industry leaders, trust Antano and Harini?

1.Their teaching methodology is Simple yet powerful so that a person doesn’t forget even after the course is completed.

2. Full personal attention/Support given to every Individual, especially if they don’t get the patterns completely right & get over their challenges. They are also easily accessible even after the course for help.



Endorsement by John


5) The only Organization/ Trainers bold enough to have FULL MONEY BACK GUARENTEE [RISK FREE] <Ashish>

6) Well Respected across Industries. Revered by Leaders, CEOs and foremen alike.  <Ashish>

What do our Participants say?

  1. First we did not know what to expect. The first 3 days we were wondering what was happening, then something changed. And after the course, we felt different. Something magical happened and continued to grow. I have seen the changes. I can see the difference my communication has changed. I can see more opportunities come my way faster.  Now I want to go to the next level. Show me how. { Nanda kishore}


How can you Register and Get The Life You Want?


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  1. Do you like to have access to NLP experts who can  coach  you on case by case basis?

  2. Would you like to be part of Success Coaching designed by Antano * & Harini based on years of field experience?

For a Limited Time, uPwithNLP comes with Free Access to Platinum Coaching Membership.

Benefits of Platinum Coaching Membership:

Missing Pieces:

1. More package

2. No theory No book

3. From no one else



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