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   Neuro       Linguistic         Programming

gives you the tools and skills necessary to Program your Neurology. You can use it for anything you fancy. Motivate yourself. Transform your business. Help a friend Heal. Learn a new Skill. Get Excellent at what you are already skilled at. Whatever you choose! Contact Us to Register Interest


NLP Training & Certification in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad) by School of Excellence

Imagine a hat. Or a ring. A pendant. Or a pen. Or a shirt. What is that one thing you like to wear on you most times?

If you could plant a certain something within yourself, one that will make your life's experience richer, more meaningful, exciting, joyful and passionate, what would it be?


And then you can pick which emotion you want to wear for what ocassion. You have the choice. You have color. You have music. You have sensations. Now, how beautiful would life be if you could fill it with excellence in it's complete circle.

Excellence everywhere. Your business. Your personal life. Enjoying relationships. Cracking that tough deal with ease. Putting a smile on someone's face. Getting over a crippling phobia/belief. Personal Freedom.

That's what NLP is all about. It's a liberating experience. A scintillating skill to have planted with you... It has several shades to it that you could wear on and off, like a ring or a pendant.

Don a Genius hat, one with supremely superior skill, grace and wisdom. Above all, one that loves life and wants to invest in making life more beautiful.


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What do you get?

  • World of Possibilities open up for you
  • Influence people subtly, yet with precision
  • Become a powerful communicator; one of the greatest assets you can have - your most precious wealth and weapon in today's world
  • Take charge of your emotions and experience personal Freedom
  • Ability to get into a Peak Performance state anytime you desire
  • Program yourself Ahead of Time to be optimal and resourceful, in any challenging situation
  • Get over any limiting beliefs you may have had that could have held you back from doing what you want to do
  • Flush out phobias, addictions, fears and compulsions forever
  • Become an Agent of Change - on yourself and on others
  • Get the wisdom to pick out of your menu of possibilities. Enjoy your palette of colors. Make your own colors and tunes. Know which shade to pick for which object. Be a Miracle Factory.



What the World Leader's Say About Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

"I built my sales career from zero to become the world best motivator by using NLP"
-­‐ Anthony (Tony) Robbins, the best-known success coach in the world


"NLP has metamorphosed into an all-­‐purpose self-­‐improvement program and technology." 
-­‐ Time Magazine

"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence."

-­‐ Modern Psychology


"NLP produces results and improves rapport. I want all my staff to attend the training."
-­‐ James Olson, former chairman, AT&T


Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Strategist speaks about programming your mind for a lasting transformation and success. Neuro Linguistic Programming gives you the tools to be able to do this.

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Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming 

Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran (Playback Singer Megha) have directly learned from the co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dr. John Grinder 


Read more about the trainers or 

See their interview with NDTV on NLP & School of Excellence. 

Why does Indian Express calls NLP  as the equivalent of 'Cloning a Genius ' or 'The Excel Code' in an interview with Antano Solar & Harini Ramachandran?

NLP Practitioner Certification

At the end of the course, you will be certified as a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This certification is Valid Internationally and Lifetime.


The trainers Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran are Certified Trainers of NLP, certified by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (co-creator New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll.


The NLP Practitioner Certification Course has been independently reviewed and approved by Two International Bodies of NLP, American Board of Neuro  Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and IHA



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What makes School of Excellence the leading NLP Training Institute in India?

School of Excellence is the only institution which gives you a platform integrated in the course module where you are coached individually, where you work on the go with yourself or people from the real world having real challenges as part of the course. No where else will you have the opportunity to apply and practice the NLP skillsintegrate and test everything you have learned right before you finish your course.

Invest 5 days of your life and on the 6th day – You are a Miracle Factory already spinning magic on yourself and others.

Special Offer till 10th November 2012

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Doctor and Medical Director on Structure of the Course:



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Not Just Another NLP Course

When Marshall University challenged Richard Bandler with 3 impossible cases on tape, not only did he make a lasting change in less than 30 minutes, but when these participants were interviewed after 4 years, they had transformed their lives in ways they would not have imagined possible!

When you look around, how many certified NLP Practitioners get consistent real change like that? And how many can make a lasting generative change in the first session?

Why learn NLP from those who may not practice it outside the workshop? It’s like a professor in college teaching computer science to future employees, having no clue about what’s going on in the real world! Learn from those who work with NLP in the real world.

If NLP is Modeling Excellence, We deliver Excellence in NLP Education. And what joy it is to teach NLP using the very principles that makes it effective.


The course has been divided as Three Modules, engineered non-linearly:

Module 1 – 3 Days

Module 2 – 2 Days

Module 3 – 1 Day


You could even take up 1 module at a time, if time is your concern. However, you will be certified as Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming only on completion of all 3 modules.


In Module 3, having already integrated all the skills you've learned, you get to work hands-on with yourself or a real world client having real challenges.


We care for your investment. We are committed to creating generations and generations of excellence!


You invest in what gives you promising returns.

How about invest in yourself now? The You that works everyday to bring in lots of happiness, joy, comfort and peace in your life, your loved ones and that of others.

Invest now in what will transform your life for good. Invest in learning NLP with us, the one skill that will make your journey towards attaining your goals more meaningful, exciting, passionate and purposeful. Invest now in the skill that paves your way to more excellence. In every step you take. In every breath you breathe. In every smile you smile now.


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The SOE Difference

If NLP is like Magic, we make you magicians.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

Concepts of NLP are simple but acquiring the skill is the challenge and that’s where our interventions make a difference.


  • We use NLP to teach NLP. So you're not just learning theory. You watch NLP in Action as you are being taught. And what's more, you Practice what you Learn right here. You experience NLP here.

  • Our approach is Non-Linear. Just like the way your UnConscious likes it

  • The course can be taken up even as 1 module at a time, if time or anything else be your concern

  • You get to work on Yourself or on Real World Clients with Real Challenges, integrating all you'll be learning through course right here with us. No other institution provides for a platform that gives you a piece of the pie before you actually go after it



What good is a Carpenter who has learned all about the axe and does not how to use it?

Would you want to be a mere technician or Be an artist who has learned a skill by watching masters spin magic in action?  By spinning magic by yourself, on yourself and others. 

How joyful is it to use your craftmanship on quality wood and make beautiful artifacts? Beauty built from scratch with your own hands!


We create NLP Practitioners with the Technology AND Wisdom to make lasting transformations towards excellence. 


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Who Learns NLP?

The beauty of NLP lies in the fact that no matter what your profession is, you canUse NLP in your domain for Excellence!

Both Professionally and Personally




It’s about Driving Change using Emotions. To able to Influence with Precision, be it your team or stakeholders or just about anybody.



Real World Benefits

  • You see someone absolutely  marvelous in what they do! You can admire them or be jealous of them. Or maybe have a third option, to be as good as they are. This is called NLP Modeling. This is how NLP came about. By modeling people who are successful in Business, Therapy and various other domains. Do you want to get started with Modeling?
  • You wake up highly motivated. But when you step into your cabin you feel very different than you felt when driving to work. How wonderful will it be if you can set up, before you reach office, the choices and variations you would like to have when you step into work?
  • You are in the middle of a presentation and you have not anticipated a challenge. You are beginning to get tensed and you want a different state. How can you be prepared for what you don't know yet?
  • You are closing a high volume sale. Your body is reacting in a way that is not being helpful. Your client looks at you and considers this a sign of nervousness. You come back and realize if only you had said the right words that you can think of now. How to be more spontaneous and present in challenging situations?
  • You are in the midst of a crisis in the family. You only wish that you can ease the pain and help everyone regain confidence and comfort. How surprised will you be that your newly learned skills go a long way in bringing peace.
  • A friend of yours at work is not able to sleep peacefully? And you like that person and know that he or she deserves better. What can you do?
  • A relative of yours is addicted to drugs? You care for him or her. And you have tried everything you can. Getting over addictions is one of the very early contributions of NLP.
  • Afraid of something? Fear of the dark? Escalators? Or know someone who is. NLP invented the fast cure Phobia over 20 years ago with which practitioners have been consistently successful at curing phobias in less than 15 Minutes.

If you felt the experience, heard some sounds or visualized when you were just reading the above, this is the power of Language on your Neurology. Learn to engineer language to direct states of your listeners and make lasting transformation to self and others.



Be an Agent of Change. Be an Emissary of Excellence.


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If you have already researched on NLP or have been formally trained in NLP. Here are some of the pain points that we address as part of the course:


Go There First

Would you expect to make lasting changes if you have not applied any of this to your own life first? And, how will you make those changes outside in the heat of every day routine if you can't make them in a safe learning environment first. The practitioner course packages personal transformations for you at every level.


Making Anchors Work

Anchoring is originally from the Pavlov’s dog experiment. If you can precisely touch or make a specific sound or specific movement when someone or you is going through a specific state/mood/emotion, then you can repeat that touch or sound or specific movement and can reproduce the same state/mood/emotion in that person or yourself.

When we first learned NLP, we couldn’t believe that anchors really work. And we couldn’t make it work.

So we practiced. Relentlessly. Obsessively. Compulsively.

It took us time to figure out how to get consistent results with anchors. Now, we teach this quickly enough consistently and make it a skill you have on demand anywhere anytime.


The Secret of Generative Change

When we returned from our practitioner course, lots of people we knew who wanted to quit smoking came to us. We thought, “This is fun. Let’s just make a lasting change and create magic!”.

Surprisingly, some of them just kept going back to smoking after few days of change. What we lacked was the check to make sure if quitting to smoke is ecological for them. So potentially, if someone has to quit smoking, they have to change their entire lifestyle to compensate for what smoking gave them. This is called generative change. Changes that lead to a more positive change.

It requires you know how to check for ecology verbally and non-verbally. It’s about programming to program and not just get over something.

Every pattern from the founders have ecology weaved into it! Even the famous ten minute compulsion blow out swish pattern.
This single difference in the training can make the difference to you between a temporary quick fix that falls apart and getting consistent lasting generative results.

This is a skill that comes from experience. We make sure you have this experience when you are still in the workshop.




John Grinder calls this “The mother of all skills”.

Any skilled practitioner  can detect changes in breathing pattern, muscle tension, tonal qualities even when communicating with more than one person.

The famous Milton Erickson as he was paralysed in his young age, spent most of the time in a farm where he watched his sisters play. And in one of his famous stories he says, "I can watch my sister say Yes and mean No. And say No and mean Yes".

All it takes is a little practice in the right directon and you will be suprised how much of a world of obvious distinctions are out there that you are currently not exposed to.

We focus on Calibartion as the Primary tool. And every exercise during the course builds on your calibration skill.


Synesthesia – The Real Magic of Sub-Modalities

Some musicians see colors of music. They see the notes in the air.  Take a jealous man or a painter who hears sounds in his head while he's on his canvas, all maybe sharing the same process. Its called Synesthesia where changes in one modality affects your experience in another. We do this all the time.

In this workshop, you will go beyond strategies and linear sequenced patterns, and extend it to the realm of Synesthesia.

Richard Bandler calls Sub Modalities the “Difference that makes the difference”

John Grinder – “Everything is Synesthesia”

We take the combination of Synesthesia and Sub Modalities that makes magic. And show you how to really get results with Sub Modalities by discovering your driver sub modalities.

To think about it, the first NLP pattern VK Fast Phobia Cure exploits on this fundamental. So, this unique lesson that we share with you covers the true spirit of NLP from the very start.
You will be surprised from your own language how much of the synesthesia circuits you have already been using.

We are here to give you another level of choice with what you can already do. And strengthen these circuits in a way that you recruit them on demand.


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Are you from outside India?

A quality NLP course outside India costs about 3 times this price. Which means for less than the same amount you spend including travel and stay, you can get to have a vacation in India, learn from trainers who are weaving their magic already in the world of corporates, enterpreneurs, doctors, lawyers, artists and countless other professionals. If for some reasons you cannot come to India and can't learn from either Richard Bandler or John Grinder, then we strongly recommend to find a trainer near your location who actively uses NLP to make lasting transformations in the real world in the true spirit of NLP. Making spontaneous state changes is simple, the art of making it last is magical. And, how much more magical is the method of teaching such an art!

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