NLP Training & Practitioner Certification

 N    L     P

   Neuro       Linguistic         Programming

gives you the tools and skills necessary to Program your Neurology. You can use it for anything you fancy. Motivate yourself. Transform your business. Influence the Sub-Conscious of Anyone Anytime. Help a friend Heal. Learn a new Skill. Get Excellent at what you are already skilled at. Discover Yourself & Win Whatever you choose! Get the Emotional Freedom you deserve...

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Imagine a hat. Or a ring. A pendant. Or a pen. Or a shirt. What is that one thing you like to wear on you most times?

If you could plant a certain something within yourself, one that will make your life's experience richer, more meaningful, exciting, joyful and passionate, what would it be?


And then you can pick which emotion you want to wear for what ocassion. You have the choice. You have color. You have music. You have sensations. Now, how beautiful would life be if you could fill it with excellence in it's complete circle.

Excellence everywhere. Your business. Your personal life. Enjoying relationships. Cracking that tough deal with ease. Putting a smile on someone's face. Getting over a crippling phobia/belief. Personal Freedom.

That's what NLP is all about. It's a liberating experience. A scintillating skill to have planted with you... It has several shades to it that you could wear on and off, like a ring or a pendant.

Don a Genius hat. One with supremely superior skill, grace and wisdom. Above all, one that loves life and wants to invest in making life more beautiful.


uPwithNLP - Installing Superior Capabilities

School of Excellence is the only institute to take the best from NLP and combines it with very real life field experience of Antano Solar & Harini Ramachandran, to deliver contextual and relevant NLP Training in India for the 21st Century based on Conscious and UnConscious Patterning

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What do you get?

  • World of Possibilities open up for you
  • Influence people subtly, yet with precision
  • Become a powerful communicator; one of the greatest assets you can have - your most precious wealth and weapon in today's world
  • Take charge of your emotions and experience personal Freedom
  • Ability to get into a Peak Performance state anytime you desire
  • Program yourself Ahead of Time to be optimal and resourceful, in any challenging situation
  • Get over any limiting beliefs you may have had that could have held you back from doing what you want to do
  • Flush out phobias, addictions, fears and compulsions forever
  • Become an Agent of Change - on yourself and on others
  • Set Success on Auto-pilot such that every passing day, you find yourself accomplishing more and more
  • Experience that Magical Balance in your life that Supercharge your Personal and Professional Life uP with finesse
  • Get the wisdom to pick out of your menu of possibilities. Enjoy your palette of colors. Make your own colors and tunes. Know which shade to pick for which object. Be a Miracle Factory.



What the World Leader's Say About Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

"I built my sales career from zero to become the world's best motivator by using NLP"
-­‐ Anthony (Tony) Robbins, the best-known success coach in the world


"NLP has metamorphosed into an all-­‐purpose self-­‐improvement program and technology." 
-­‐ Time Magazine

"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence."

-­‐ Modern Psychology


"NLP produces results and improves rapport. I want all my staff to attend the training."
-­‐ James Olson, former chairman, AT&T


Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Strategist speaks about programming your mind for a lasting transformation and success. Neuro Linguistic Programming gives you the tools to be able to do this.

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uPwithNLP =

NLP Training & Certification

+ Success on Auto-pilot

+ Platinum Coaching Package (for 1 year)


6 days --> 180 days --> 365 days --> and more...


6 Days - NLP Training - is designed to program you for excellence, to be a good learner, to break limiting beliefs, to get into Peak Performance  anytime at will, to be a powerful communicator and use language, your body and your whole personality in a way  to Get the Results you want with the magic you have, installed in you.

Integration of NLP in your field - An Eagle develops all the muscles to fly and soar high. Antano and Harini coach you right here in areas of your life that are important to you - Eg: Training, Coaching, Sales, Negotiations, Handling people, Relationships, Therapy etc, as you take your Real world Context, apply NLP and Get the Results you want.

At this stage you are a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Certification is Valid Internationally and for a Lifetime as Antano and Harini are Certified Trainers by Dr. John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP and Co-developer of New Code NLP and also the genius who trained Anthony Robbins on NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (Co-creator of New Code NLP & Ex-CEO of a Multi-billion dollar company) and Michael Carroll.

Day 7 onwards - Success on Auto Pilot - NLP when used well, works at the level of UnConscious Competency and produces Generative Changes. Antano and Harini are two of the very few NLP Trainers in the world who use Advance NLP Patterning to make your learnings and transformations not only permanent but also generative, which means all the transformations you experience in those six days will only keep resulting in more changes like a domino effect. The benefit of all this?  Everyday gets better than the previous day and you are in the direction of success with the goals you have chosen, and more...

Set your Intentions, Goals and Dreams - Let your UnConscious mind with the rest of the neurology work for you. Your concious intervention is required for other class of execution like decison making, setting your outcomes, priortizing etc.

Celebrity Trainer & Author - Ashvin Deshpande, speaks about some of the tangible differences in his colleague Rajeev Deshmukh, COO Atmabhan Academy, as both of them experienced uPwithNLP course in Mumbai. This video was shot 9 months after the course as a demonstration of Success on Auto-pilot:



Platinum Coaching Package (For 1 year) - As you continue to go uP with NLP in every area of your life, you may want one on one attention in some challenging situations, This is where an expert coaches you to apply NLP in those situations. This is where as a privileged platinum coaching member, the in-house NLP experts from School of Excellence empower you with the tools, guidance and material that you require on a continuous basis.

Antano and Harini continue to contribute, coach and share  as they extend their experience continuously.

Further, you may have questions, doubts, challenges, success stories to share and your package includes an exclusive Continuous Learning Platform where the entire community of School of Excellence's NLP Practitioners from around the world, from different professions,  share their learnings, NLP applications etc. as everyone uses NLP differently in their lives.


The trainers Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran are Certified Trainers of NLP certified by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (co-creator New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll. They have extensive field experience applying NLP in Business, Sales, Execution Excellence, Operations management, Performance enhancement, Learning Acceleration, solving "impossible" medical & mental health challenges, Installing Superior Capabilities and more...

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The NLP Practitioner Certification has been independently reviewed and approved by the International Body of NLP - American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)



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Learn from Trainers of NLP with Real Field Experience only

Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran (Playback Singer Megha) have directly learned from the co-founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and  are certfied trainers of NLP by Dr. John Grinder (Co-Founder of NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Caroll. 

Antano & Harini have also contributed to the field of NLP in tremendous ways and are continuously extending the reach of NLP in various fields and pushing its limits. Besides the founders, they have also learned from other most prominent contributors to the field like Judith Delozier.

More on the trainers:


What makes School of Excellence the leading NLP Training Institute in India?

School of Excellence innovated the uPwithNLP package - NLP Training + Real world Integration of NLP in your Life + Success on Auto-pilot + Platinum Coaching with Dedicated NLP Experts, thereby taking the transformations to the highest levels found in the industry globally.

School of Excellence gives you a platform integrated in the course module where you are coached individually; where you work on-the-go with yourself or people from the real world having real challenges, as part of the course. No where else will you have the opportunity to apply and practice NLP skillsintegrate and test everything you have learned right before you finish your course.

Invest 6 days of your life and for the rest of your life, you are a Miracle Factory already spinning magic on yourself and others.

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Doctor and Medical Director on Structure of the NLP Course:


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