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NLP Master Practitioner Certification - The Next Level

NLP Master Practitioner

There is the technology and wisdom to  Make lasting transformations in personal growth, work-life balance, career growth and relationships and yet, very few with the skill to leverage it. The NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course by School of Excellence is designed so that you both taste transformation  in Your Own Life and have the skills and tools necessary to make an impact in the lives, business and education of those you care personally or professionally


NLP with School of Excellence

School of Excellence is an elite NLP Training institute. Antano and Harini are Certified Trainers of NLP. They bring the latest integration of all recent developments from the pioneering NLP developers in the World and have transformed many lives and businesses. 


The decision to move your Life to the Next Level is in your hands. Are you ready to take the Leap of Faith yet?

Antano and Harini coach, train and heal people in various industries and even work with world known celebrities. They have consistently been able to transform the lives and business of each of their clients. And what more? When you explore the social conversations, testimonies and articles, you will easily discover that they are skilled at helping their participants do the same in their own style. 

"To share what we know is one thing. But what is more important is that our participants can apply the learnings and get the same transformations and results that we get consistently" - Antano Solar & Harini Ramachandran


We use NLP to teach NLP. This is Your chance to witness Magic in Action in this packed, intensive and fun filled training program.

All in Thailand, far away from daily chores and routine. You won't know if it was a holiday or a training experience. A perfect blend. Who said Learning cannot be fun? Unwind, Learn, Reflect. And, where you are and who you are with makes a difference! Grab your opportuniy now to take your life to the next level. 

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Want to know what it is like to be a true Master?

Want to Experience Magic of Transformation?

Want to Break those Obstacles?

Want more Time? Want More Success?

Want more Happiness?

Want more Balance?

Want to be able to Influence people?

Want to learn how to manage your team better?


Just Register Interest and  enjoy the magic in action. 


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NLP Master Practitioner with Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran. Click here to know more about the trainers.



What will you Learn at the Master Level?

  • Advanced Communication & Negotiation skills - Influence Engineering using Conversational reframing, precision model etc.
  • Creating your own patterns of magic by understanding indepth the underlying structure of magic of NLP
  • Ability to learn any skill you choose using Real NLP Modelling and transferring the skill onto others
  • Creating more Time using the science of Time DIstortion - slow time down or speed time up - Very niche, high end skill extremely useful in business and life
  • Mastering all the Fundamentals you have learned at Practitioner level through advanced exercises that UnConsciously install the strategies of Precision
  • Generalizing changes you make. Making Transformations Lasting and Impactful, whether you are a Trainer, Parent, Corporate professional, you learn what it takes to sow seeds of change and making them generative


We are here to give you another level of choice with what you can already do. And strengthen these circuits in a way that you recruit them on demand.


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Antano and Harini have been taking people through the experience of what NLP does to your life. It's Excellence all the way; Your Communication, your personality, your propulsion, your decisions, your ability to Influence.... It's a whole new Experience as they help you Master NLP and bring about all those incomparable changes  and Transformations you desire and more to your life and others, so that you go back charged and with skill for Life.

As a little child, you had no idea 'why' you had to learn to walk or speak a language.... Now look at all the things you do! Once you Master NLP, it manifests itself in your life so much that it becomes part of you. And the best part is making it happen, so that all the changes and skills seem natural! But you know how much of a New book you really are becoming!

We invite you to Gift yourself the Most Precious 7 days of your  Life. Your  Investment in YOUR Life; one that shapes the rest of your future towards sheer brilliance. Create your own Destiny


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The School of Excellence Difference - Methodology

UCGC Methodology

School of Excellence employs it’s UCGC Methodology – ‘UnConscious Competency and Generative Change’ based on the underlying principals of UnConscious Patterning, a very powerful method of enabling people to achieve much more than they are consciously capable of.

Most Trainers deliver training that consists of steps to be followed consciously to achieve a specific goal. During the training program, it creates a façade of understanding and motivation. However, these changes don’t last long.

UCGC Methodology helps to Train the Gut and works at the Sub-Conscious level, Making the Changes Permanent and Available All the Time.

Advance NLP Patterns are utilized to make changes that can be Tested and Enduring. Results of NLP interventions allow for Participants to Automatically Function out of a Model of Excellence rather than trying to remember and execute them.


And You are right now Entitled to an Early Bird Discount. Grab it Now! 

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