NLP Bliss

NLP Bliss offers services such as 'Get Rid of Phobia/Fear/Addiction’, ‘Perform at Peak in Exams/Interviews’, ‘Get over Bad memories’, ‘Start New Habits' etc., where any one can walk into the soon-to-be-launched NLP Bliss centers around the country, meet a qualified practitioner and get a Transformation Instantly.

How it works?

1. Desire a Transformation

There is a whole Menu of Possibilities to choose from:

Stop Bad Habits, Get over Anxiety, Get over Phobias, Start New Habits, Get rid of Negative thoughts, Experience Peak Performance, Get over Anger etc.

2. Schedule Appointment

Fill in the Contact form here and Tell us “What do you want?” What transformation are you seeking? Our Coordinator will get in touch with you over phone and schedule an appointment with an NLP Bliss Practitioner

3. Meet an NLP Bliss Practitioner

Have a one-on-one session with the NLP Bliss Practitioner, where the Practitioner performs NLP Interventions to Get you the Transformations you want

4. Experience Excellence Creation

Enjoy the session! It’s a different experience! Sit back and allow your NLP Bliss Practitioner to do the magic


5. Enjoy the Desired Transformation

Live your Life after the session! Do all the things that you want to do and experience the new change… Continue to enjoy, blossom, grow!


This requires a very niche set of skills. And we are making such training available to selected 200 individuals around the country, who can work as NLP Bliss Practitioner to provide the necessary transformation. Do write to us if you would like to be a NLP Bliss Practitioner or a NLP Bliss Business Owner.

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