LYL Community Guidelines

  1. This is a Community to help each other Launch a Legacy in compressed time.
  2. The Community is for Driven Individuals and not a Motivational Forum.
  3. Excellence Installation Technology (EIT) is the recognized framework in this community to compress time
  4. Appreciate the Difference between Information, Insight, and Installation
  5. Encourage each other to make Precise Installations that leads to Time Compression
  6. Only use the insights presented in the materials from A&H videos, blogs, books, magazines, podcasts, and interviews to answer queries in the community
  7. Support each other in arriving at the right insight required before the installation using the resources mentioned above
  8. Follow through on an Installation Procedure after arriving at the insight
  9. Refrain from promoting any Material that is not approved as being in full alignment with EIT
  10. Antano & Harini are the final authority of what constitutes EIT

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