Intuition is pure logic that has become innate. Being more intuitive can help you to boost your productivity in numerous areas of your life. It will aid you to stand out of the crowd and facilitate you to gain control over your life.

This is what Antano says in this video :

I would like to give you some examples of Intuition that we have developed and for the long time you never knew where we have got them from and this has to do with the mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot. So, about 45 years ago, he discovered a concept called Fractal Geometry. He started with a question that if you take a dot it is zero dimension. You take a dot and start plotting it and it becomes a single dimension. Take the line and start rotating it and it becomes rectangle, it becomes a square, it become two dimension.

Take the square and keep rotating it, it becomes three dimension, a cube.
He says what happens is, in between the transition there is a fractal dimension. The reason he came up with this question was because he noticed that in nature in everything that exists naturally, there is no perfect line, there is no perfect circle, and there is no perfect square. So, he said, “Is the whole universe, the nature and the whole creation without a pattern, without shape? Is it random or Is there a pattern to it? ” And that is the way Mandelbrot started discovering and then what he discovered was what seems like irregular patterns, he said those are actually very complexly regular patterns. And what this led him to discover is a brilliant concept.

The idea is : Lets see you see from the satellite a shoreline of the beach, you would see a particular shape, like you’re seeing 10 miles together- it’s a particular shape. Lets say you take one area of it and you zoom in and surprisingly the shape of the area that you have zoomed in would be exact as that of the overall shape you selected. Again say you take another area and you zoom in, the smaller part of it will be exactly what you saw overall.

Now you don’t even need to go to a coastline. You take a cabbage and see it from far and you see that shape and you zoom in, you will see that in that area the shape resembles the same shape that was when you looked from far at macro level and it goes all the way to the cellular level. And Mandelbrot came up with this idea that everything in nature resembles the same geometry when it is seen macro and when it is seen zoomed in and seen at micro level. So, then he came up with the thing he called “The Degree of Roughness”.

He came up with his computer programs, give him an object and it will say the degree of roughness is 1.63 and you put 1.63 in a computer, you might get a gooseberry leaf and then you plot it a 100 times, a 1000 times, 10000 times, you will get a gooseberry leaf but they will all be different from each other. Now when Mandelbrot was at the peak of these discoveries, he came up with something which is called “Mandelbrot Set” . It is a set of degree of Roughness. It is a set of geometrical dimensions that are so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You have no idea why, but when you look at it, it is so pleasing, it feels so good and you don’t know why.

Later what they discovered was you know, the Roman Colosseum, originally when they measure the distance between those two pillars it wasn’t even. So the theory for the long time was, the Romans were measuring the distance by foot, so there was a variation. So it was assumed the distances between the space was actually a mistake. But what they later found out was that the distance between those pillars actually followed the ‘Mandelbrot Set’.

So, they took experiences from the music , from construction of the past and they started realizing that what Mandelbrot mathematically discovered, 2000 years later people actually intuitively had a feel way back then. Architects knew the Mandelbrot Set intuitively and for the long time what appeared a mistakes to us were actually perfectly calculated ratios.

Then, I kept asking myself the question like how did people had those intuitions, how is it that when we see those things we feel so nice about them. Where do we get these ratios from?

If intuition is just the logic that is adding up, and at one point it becomes innate, so you just know, even though you don’t know how you know what you know. Where did these people get this knowledge from? Do you want to take a guess?

You see apparently the sky, the stars, their placements follows the same ratios. So if someone has been sky gazing long enough, there is source available for that to become intuition.

The only reason I am sharing this with you is that it is often the way you get intuition feels like it is a mysterious magical force and which is a good thing because you can sometimes trust your intuition but then also one has to recognize when that intuition can be trusted and when the intuition cant be trusted.

Example from my life :

When I practiced answering to the academic questions multiple times , gradually I could manage writing the correct solutions without acknowledging the reason why is this particular solution right because of the regular practice which resulted in managing time well during my limited exam hours.

What value it will add to your life ?

When you logically repeat specific work multiple times , then our unconscious mind scales up the sample so much such that the complexity in which the logic functions is scaled up that you consciously cannot figure out the logic.

Becoming more intuitive will help you to :

  • take decisions faster ,
  • manage your limited time well ,
  • nurture the growth of your body and mind ,
  • solve problems
  • use your reflexes well in emergency situations

As, small decisions can lead to huge outcomes , you will notice with the passage of time , that being more intuitive has helped you to lead your team to achieve the targets of your company at a faster pace. You will be able to improve your relationships and parenting skills as well.


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