Imagine what if you can notice subtle things in a simple conversation everytime!
By noticing subtle things, I mean paying attention to not only what people say(verbal) but also what people don’t often say(non-verbal). Unspoken words are normally the most important as they are hidden secrets or truths which can help you to unlock the mind of that person.

As you develop the power of noticing subtle things or effects in plain and simple conversations you will be able to tell stories, embed commands and shift mindsets of people around you.

This is what Antano talks in the video:

You know, hypnotists have the pendulum and then they swing the pendulum and then they give post hypnotic suggestions. He/She would put the person in the trace and the person goes still. Then they say, tomorrow when I snap my fingers like this, you will start talking about horses. Then they will wake the person up and the next day everybody is having dinner as a family together. The hypnotist would snap his fingers again and the person would start talking about horses.

Now, Milton was an expert of doing that, without the hypnosis. That is what John & Richard coded from Milton, they became as good as Milton and they found out how do you do whatever people are able to do in Hypnosis without the Hypnosis.

John & Richard came to the conclusion that – Hypnosis is a actually a tool to aid the hypnotists, not the subject. When the person is put into the hypnosis, there is a lot of time to calibrate :

” how they are responding – as there attention is focused on that particular suggestion. ” 

But, in a casual conversation, the mind is jumping from one thought to another thought to another thought. So, it is a lot more challenging to observe. It was not the hypnosis which was creating the result. It was how the hypnosis was making it easier to observe for the hypnotist.

So, John & Richard found out that if you could actually start noticing things when they are shifting at that rate, the subtle moments and the subtle shifts, you could do whatever a hypnotist could do in plain simple conversation.

“You could tell stories, you could embed suggestions, you could change mindsets with ease.”

If you are into Business Development, it is a brilliant tool to master. Imagine you are talking to somebody in five different layers of the organisation at the same time. You know when they are saying Yes, when they are saying No. And you’re tuning your communication precisely in a way that the person feels like you are just speaking what they are thinking and in a way you are because you are feeding into their thoughts that way.

Example from my life :

When I meet a person who seems to be my “ought to be convertible client”  in a hotel or a restaurant and I want to talk to him/her and secure him as my client for the services I provide, I use the skills which I have developed to notice subtle things and engage myself in a favorable conversation with him/her.

What value it will add to your life ?

You will build a tremendous client base over a few years which would have taken decades in case you wouldn’t have master conversational programming . You can apply this learning in your day to day life. As a result, you’ll improve your life in almost every aspect. By exhibiting expertise in it, will help you to unlock the key to living a happy and a successful life.

As you develop this skill, you can shift mindsets of the people. You will build a positive value system which you will be able to pass to your next generation. Along with that you will improve the bonding in your relationships.


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