You learn something everyday, if you pay attention. – Ray Le Blond

You must have heard the saying, “Prosperity belongs to those who learn new things the fastest” by Paul Zane Pilzer. So how fast do you think you learn new things? Have to paid attention to the time that you took to learn a new language or a musical instrument? Did you ever compare yourself with your peers and felt jealous about their faster growth than yours? If the answer is yes, you are definitely in the right place!

You can learn new capabilities faster using Mirroring.

This is what Antano says about Mirroring :

I want to share with you the technology of how do you learn and build new capabilities fast. Of all the contributions that John Grinder has made, I think this is the most important.

If you actually mirror someone like matching their sitting or standing positions you seem to connect to that person more. There’s more to it, it’s not like sitting like that but it’s like becoming them. Also, to feel what they are feeling. Now, where it comes from?
From the concept called Mirror Neuron.

So, you have heard the stories of monkeys, you throw a banana and then monkeys throw the banana too. One monkey throws a banana another monkey throws a banana. You take a hat and drop it and the monkeys do the same. The reason it happens is because monkeys have what are called mirror neuron. There are these neurological connections in the brain that replicates what they see with their eyes on the outside. So, when they see someone doing something, they do the same. Now, what they found out was that humans also have mirror neuron. About ten years ago they found out that we have a way advanced system of mirror neuron than any animal. And I said, “Obviously, We are the evolved species, aren’t we?”


The purpose of Mirror Neurons is to learn new things. That is how we learn to walk, that is how we learn to talk. See, in the hierarchy of evolution like some animals they are born knowing how to walk. A cow gives birth to a calf and the calf doesn’t need to learn to walk. It can just walk. What happens when a chickling is hatched, it associates it’s identity with that living creature which it sees first. Most of the time, it’s the mother but the selection criteria is the first living creature it sees. As soon as it sees and associates with that living creature typically the mother, the chick would do anything that the mother is doing. It is neurologically wired to repeat.

Now, with humans the extraordinary gift that we have is we can shift disassociation on demand, which means I not only have to learn only from my mother and father and relatives but I can continue to Unconsciously Assimilate to what is going on from everybody around me. So, the mirror neurons allow me to do something which I don’t know I have to do. I don’t know to do this particular thing to maintain balance.

For example, with children when they learn to walk, the most important development in their walking skill is when they learn to lift their head up and as simple as that might look, it is a very complex thing because the first time the child is learning how to keep his own head in a way it is not fighting with the gravity. So, the child can keep his head up and crawl for hours and it wont pain and that is the most important thing if you want to walk. We take that for granted but you actually learnt that when you were crawling.

Now, the child doesn’t know that it has to learn to lift the head up but its mirror neurons are active, they are trying to replicate everything the adult is doing. The first thing they have their muscles develop is around the neck but then they start mirroring everything the adult is doing. There are more than one million calculations and more than ten thousand muscles that have to synchronise for you to be able to stand. Just stand. Standing is a dynamic equilibrium. You’re not just standing, you’re actually slightly falling off balance and then gaining balance.

So, the mirror neuron are designed to help you to learn fast. Moreover, to help you pick up things that you don’t even know you need to pick. As a child, there are no emotions that could limit you from doing that. You don’t go and say that is not me.

In fact the doctor once told me, her name is Meera, she once told me that she heard this from a neurologist that the way the mirror neuron work is as soon as you see someone smile, the mirror neurons in your brain sends you the signal to move the exact same set of muscles to smile. And as soon as that happens, there is a second set of instructions that goes from your brain that says that’ “Hey, That’s the other person smiling, not you. Cancel that out.” The difference between these two is micro seconds.

So, the mirror neurons are always active. But there is a choice mechanism going on between who you want to mirror and who you don’t want to mirror. Most of the time, it is an unconscious process. Most of the times people have the wrong combination. They mirror things, like depression from people and stop mirroring things like happiness or stuff like that.

Taking back control, taking back choice in your hands as to what to mirror and what not to mirror.

So, one of the things that John & Richard found out was mirroring is not only about learning fast, when you mirror someone they feel understood, they feel as if you know them very well, because what’s going on is when you mirror them physically you are also mirroring how they think.

You know the old thought that the body and the mind are connected, so you change the way to breathe, you change your posture, your thoughts change. The same thing happens when you mirror. When you’re mirroring someone you’re not only changing the physiology, you are also accepting the way that person is thinking.

“Mirroring is a tool to become the other person and thereby the person seems to like you a lot.”

For example, if you stay in a group of highly devoted & intellectual people help you to develop similar skills because of your mirror neurons. So, in order to boost your growth and development in any field , you should develop the skills and also take back the control & choice in your life which in turn will help you to figure out what to mirror and what not to mirror.

Along with the formal training, if you want to rapidly develop the skills of a fine guitarist or a singer , you can go to his/her concert , you can watch his/her videos on and do similar exercises to gain the same skills as that of the guitarist or the singer. Similarly , if you want to become like any person or you want to engage yourself in the work that specific person is , mirror them and develop the same capabilities faster.

What value it will add to your life ?

A few years down the line , you will probably notice yourself having the capabilities you always wanted to build in yourself which were consuming ample amount of time. You’ll end up being a person you always wished of becoming by overcoming the factors of time constraints and by gaining a control over your mirror neurons.

You are not only going to develop skills faster that you want to, but you will also uplift the way you use to communicate. As a result , it will change the way people feel about you. As when we mirror someone , they feel understood, they feel as if your know them very well. When you mirror them physically you also know what they think. So, accordingly, we can mould the conversation in a favourable face with them.

Imagine what a society would be when people don’t feel inferior about themselves and they aren’t jealous of others. Yes, right now you are thinking about a realistic future which empowers the role played by mirror neuron!

You’ll stand above your peers and you’ll take the lead in your team by mastering the skills of mirroring effectively. Consequently, by learning faster you can improve yourself as a person. Moreover, you can create a positive impact on your surroundings with the people you communicate. Consequentially, you will be empowered to make the world full of favourable differences in your life.


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