Our brain has numerous processes that it has to complete and our neurology is wired to do them without overwhelming us. One of the critical elements of these processes is Pain. Pain is an unpleasant experience, most times, but it is very useful.

Pain is a way for our mind to communicate with us. When there are things that need your attention and brain can’t say, ‘Hey Listen!’. So what it does is it causes discomfort and if you ignore it. Then brain aggravates it and now you are in pain. And then popping a pill momentarily may quit the pain down, but then brain aggravates it even further. So much so that you can’t ignore the pain and medicine stops working. You must have heard these phrases, ‘I have increased the doses’ and ‘Medicine was changed because the body stopped responding’.

How is that possible? What happened? How something that was supposed to cure illness all of sudden stopped working? The answer is simple, it never cured anything but subdued the symptoms that manifested as pain.

Imagine a baby is hungry and it needs food. So he calls out for his mother and tries to get her attention. Mother is busy and happily, ignores the request and after a while, the kid is hungrier and it starts to shout thinking that he always does this mother ignores and there comes a point when the kid start to cry hysterically and mother is clueless until she realized that it’s way past his lunch time. And all he needed was food.

Pain is not the problem that needs a solution. And pain killers can only provide temporary relief. That is why you meet a Doctor when you have pain. 

In the same way when we quiet down our brain that is pointing out something that might need fixing ignoring it is not an option. But popping a pill is equally dangerous. The solutions that we need in such situations would have to be ecological. The intention behind the pain has to be resolved. At the end, pain is only a messenger. And if it’s not addressed as well, no matter how many increased doses we take the brain will figure out a way to overwrite the numbness and we will feel worse. What can be done? Simply solve the cause of pain and you are sorted and make sure the solutions is ecological for you and all aspects of your life.

The larger picture of this is that all unpleasant emotions, including laziness, sadness, frustration are all like pain an indication of something in you, your partner’s or your life that needs a change. 


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