Are you a ‘pro’ to procrastinate things? Why is Procrastination not as bad as it is portrayed?
Because what feels like procrastination is sometimes only a signal from your unconscious that now is not the right time to do that thing or you are not prepared to do that thing. These signals are called Spontaneously Occurring Signals (SOS).

So , why is it really important to differentiate between actually procrastinating and an S.O.S ?

This is what Antano talks about SOS in this video:

You know you heard the word Procrastination ? Some people procrastinate for everything. I think you need to take a stick and get them to do things , but there are some people and actually most people that I have met for whom procrastination is just another form of SOS.

Example from his own life : In some ways I am very lucky because I wrote an abusive blog post about a technology I didn’t like and someone reads it and said you must write a book for us and it happened to be the second largest publishing company for tech books and I had a contract with them . My client was using an unheard framework called MODx and he wanted me to work on it and there was no book on it, no documentation and I didn’t like the architecture as well , so as a goodwill for other clients to not pick up that framework I wrote a blog post highlighting all the security flaws in it and highlighting all the ridiculous design patterns used and then somebody said that you write very well you should write a book on MODx.

Can you see the irony of it? But after the first book , they fixed a lot of their flaws. But , the second version was better. When I was writing this book , the publisher and I had agreed on a time frame , every month I was supposed to complete one chapter and when one chapter is completed I had to send the draft copy of second chapter on the same month . You know I used to sit in the night three days before the deadline and I would finish it and read it a couple of times. And anybody who has written a book would know that reading the book takes more time than actually writing the book it couple of times and send to the editor.

And one of my friend once told me watching me do this , Antano why cant you do this on the first 3 days of the month and then you can chill for the rest of the month. You know it didn’t occur to me to ask him “ Am I not anyways not chilling for the rest of the month? “

But I took him seriously and I said okay so from now on I will be self disciplined and do this in the beginning for every month. I can’t believe I sat and I tried to write for three days and I wrote one paragraph and I closed it and I went back to whatever I was doing best – coding, having fun, giving lectures.

I noticed as I was doing other things there would be these glimpses of thoughts that would come – like- this should be the heading , this should be the sub heading , this should be the organisation of the chapter , these are the key points to cover ..that is when I realized that I may have sat down in front of the computer only for 3 days , but I took an entire month to prepare for those 3 days and I can’t tell you know my body reacted when I tried to sit down and write..its like sitting down for the first time in front of the computer…you know the lazy feeling of something dragging you and I will go in front of the computer and say to myself ”not now” and then I would say again… three days – Discipline!

That is when I realised, when I don’t feel like doing something it is not procrastination, it is an SOS that perhaps may not be fruitful at that time or perhaps you are not yet prepared to do that.

It is very imp thing to distinguish between really procrastinating and an SOS.

When I was preparing for my CA Final Exams which was due on May 2016, I faced the similar situation (expand line). I figured out why I was not able to practice well and why I kept delaying my preparation for 8 subjects endlessly , which helped me to focus more on making myself equipped with the knowledge which was required and in turn I started grooming myself to appear for my exams for the November 2016 attempt : by knowing the difference between procrastination and spontaneously occurring signals. Otherwise I could have ended up being depressed , stressed up and demotivated because of my search for all sorts of possible solutions to the wrong question.

The power of SOS

We can apply this learning in almost every field like for example while preparing to run in a marathon, going for your job interview, getting up early in the morning , recovering from stage fright , deciding when to get married etc.

When you understand the value of acknowledging spontaneously occurring signals , then you can figure out the difference between really procrastinating and a spontaneously occurring signal. The importance of finding the right meaning is it enables you to head towards the right solution. And save a lot of your time and in turn add more years to your life as you enjoy unparalleled growth

Gradually with the passage of time, you will be able to increase your business results, lead your team members with confidence and much more. And also improve your relationships and parenting skills.



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