Recommended Books for NLP

Following are a set of books that we recommend for those who are already trained on NLP in the order below.

If you are not trained on NLP, we recommend you read the highlighted books first in that order. And then re-read in the following order again.


Name of Book


NLP Learning


Leaves Before the Wind

John Grinder, Judith Delozier and Various

Case Studies in Art, Medicine, Healing

Persuasion Engineering

Richard Bandler and John La Valle

Sales and Persuasion

Magic in Action

Richard Bandler

Magic in Action - Really :)

Frogs into Princess

Richard Bandler and John Grinder

Foundations for NLP, Rep System,


Turtles All The Way Down

John Grinder and Judith Delosier

To enhance your NLP Skills Unconsciously


Structure of Magic Vol I & II

Richard Bandler and John Grinder

Meta Model & Non Verbal Incongruence

Hypnotic Patterns of

Milton Erickson Vol I & II

Richard Bandler, John Grinder,

Judith Delozier

Milton Model


Richard Bandler, John Grinder

Trance Inductions & Utilizations

Using your brain for a change

Richard Bandler

Application of Sub Modalities for a Change


Richard Bandler and John Grinder


Insiders guide to Submodalities

Richard Bandler

Sub Modalities in detail



Richard Bandler

Guide to Learning NLP

Getting the life you want

Richard Bandler

Application of  NLP Patterns

Whispering in the Wind

John Grinder and

Carmen Bostic St. Clair

The Epistemology of NLP


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