Interview Highs

How to do your best at an interview, from handling fear, nervousness to handling the questions with grace and confidence?.


Interview Highs workshop is engineered to address the following objectives:


  • To enrich students with resources required to handle an interview with grace and confidence

  • To bring out the best in the students even during difficult situations

  • To maintain a high performance state in the interview




  • Skills such as sensory acuity, calibration and state choice installed at the unconscious level

  • Powerful techniques of rapport establishment and presence

  • Clears up existing fears in the context of upcoming interviews and allows students to operate from a model of more choice even during difficult times in the interview

  • Ability to deliver answers in a way that the interviewer understands more precisely through various techniques

  • Approach to interviews for students would be at a different logical level

  • Architecture of the methodology provides for a generative impact of skills developed in this workshop even outside of the interview context 

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