Big Boots

‘Big Boots’ workshop is engineered for organizations engaged in Succession Planning as they expand leaps and bounds and require that the employees aspire, and are ready to take up higher responsibility at call. 
‘Big Boots’ workshop addresses the following objectives:

  • To kindle the fire in employees to aspire and work towards taking up higher positions
  • Foster radical thinking approach for out of the box solutions
  • Strengthen Relationships among co-workers
  • Be Prepared for Challenging Situations and be Stress Free
  • Sustained Peak Performance and Creative Thinking


  • Turbo-charge employees towards channelizing their efforts to move up to the next level
  • Blow out doubts, fears, complacence, indifference etc. with regard to moving up the rungs of the ladder
  • Changing limiting beliefs and creating powerful, compulsive reason and motivation to aspire and work towards stepping up
  • Powerful techniques of rapport establishment and presence to foster synergizing relationships amongst peers and down-the-line employees
  • Open up a world of more choice that an employee can operate out of, even in challenging situations and develop tangential and radical thinking approaches
  • Quick techniques to change mental state to be most resourceful, optimum and ideal state of mind in any situation to perform at one’s peak
  • Architecture of the methodology provides for a generative impact of skills developed in this workshop even outside of the work context

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