LYL Community Invitation

There is nothing more powerful in human civilisation than a group of  Individuals coming together with a common cause to create together for each other something larger than themselves. And what if people who are interested in launching their legacy come together?

"FROM ANTS TO ANTEATERS, bees to beekeepers, community is a fundamental part of our life on the planet. We thrive when we are immersed in it, suffer when deprived of it, and wherever humans go we create it. We define ourselves by our communities: tribe, family, work, clubs, schools, churches and temples, these are who we are. We are born into community, and if we’re lucky we’ll end our days surrounded by it." -Leo Laporte

The LYL Community is a Community of Driven Individuals to help each other Launch their Legacy in Compressed Time. Individuals who Dream Big. And Who are Driven enough to Achieve them. Individuals who don't sit and sulk at a whole set of temporary challenges and troubles, and instead of Take things in Stride, Equip themselves with Superior Capabilities, and Launch a Legacy in Compressed Time, no matter where they start. Individuals who are passionate enough about their domain, niche, specialization or cause and care enough to chunk it up to the larger purpose of their vision to the World and how it can create fascinating stories of accolade and applause.


This is the century of Legacy. Today, more people have the opportunity to create a legacy than it has ever been. The earlier you start and the momentum you develop can shift both where you are arrive and how you arrive. This is a community to help each other launch a legacy in compressed time based on the Antano & Harini methodology using the Excellence Installation Technology.


Compressed time refers to the idea that with improvements to Personal Excellence one could arrive much faster, typically in years instead of decades to their legacy launch. The idea is not speed and to be on a race but rather to explore unprecedented levels of excellence.

Excellence is relative. When you arrive early to your bar of excellence, what was excellence becomes average and you would have the opportunity to evolve and explore the next dimension of excellence altogether. There by compressing time gives the opportunity to break your own records, to cross your own bar of excellence, several times over.


Excellence Installation refers to the art of acuity of identifying what are those adjustment in the unconscious patterns of a pattern that will create a butterfly effect. That important core change that will shift the trajectory of a person’s life. Like the flapping of wings of a butterfly that can create a hurricane in some other part of the world. Once this required change is identified, they can be addressed using the patterns developed by Dr. John Grinder, the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming and New Code NLP.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”
—Vincent Van Gogh

Enablers to Launch a Legacy in Compress Time:

Launching your legacy requires that you are OUTSTANDING within your sphere of influence in any one or combination of skills or that you have the drive to become excellent and outstanding. Therefore the nature of this community is not to motivate but to help already driven individuals launch their legacy in compressed time. This community uses the Excellence Installation Technology as outlined by Antano & Harini to propel each other to compress time and launch. Following are list of some of the enablers:

  • Superior Capabilities 
  • Capability Awareness 
  • Conversational Programming Mastery 
  • Genius Traits
  • UnConscious Priority & Strategy Integration
  • Diverse Innate Gifts Assimilation
  • Entrepreneur Mindset to Close Deals
  • Charisma and Storytelling 
  • Excellence Installation Expertise

What to Expect in the Launch your Legacy Community?

Think of it as an in-person and online community where driven individuals help each other launch their legacy in compressed time. Some of the areas where we have seen Excellence Installation Technology enable people and bring immediate results include

  • Business
  • Health
  • Personal Excellence
  • Communication
  • Accelerated Assimilation

So, think of the community as a way to gather the insight as to what personal excellence and genius trait is going to help you improve the areas you want to improve. Where do you need to improve in order to launch your legacy quicker. And how can you learn the tools to do the installation for yourself after you have identified what improvements you want to make to your core, nature, traits and capabilities. 

How will the LYL Community operate?

Discussion forums, chat, information videos, wiki documentation of installation techniques and events. The community will be moderated by participants of Excellence Installation Specialization along with the Antano & Harini team. A&H will also provide their support, comments and guidance from time to time.

How to Join the LYL Community?

  1. Fill up the Registration Form for Joining the LYL Community here.
  2. The community is going through a high momentum Boot Strapping Process. If you qualify for the initial launch you will get an invitation immediately. Otherwise, you will get an invitation in the following months when the community gets more mature handle people who are in different stages in their understanding of Excellence Installation Technology. You can read more about the Boot Strapping Process here.
  3. Follow the instructions on the LYL Community Welcome email to Launch Your Legacy in Compressed Time as a Community


A&H invites you
to join the LYL Community
and help each other Launch a Legacy in Compressed Time