Community Bootstrapping Process

Supporting each other to Launch a Legacy in Compressed Time has been something that the A&H Team has already been doing for their clients. We are bootstrapping this into a community right now so that millions of driven people can launch their legacy and all the wizards who are equipped with installation technology can contribute and have meaningful conversations towards the legacy.

Although, the community itself is designed to be free and open for everyone. We are in the middle of a BootStrapping process with about 200 members who embrace the concept of Excellence Installation for Time Compression in Launching a Legacy.

Every community has people who join at various stages. People with absolute clarity, leadership and purpose, people who are just getting on board and people who are just exploring. We welcome everyone into the community. However, the bootstrapping process requires that the initial members are veterans of the Excellence Installation Technology.

We are evaluating at what stage you are in becoming an active force for helping yourself and each other using this platform based on your answers in the application.

Learn more about the LYL Community and how to become a Member here.