Transition to Break States

NLP is all about manipulation of states

What do you do when an NLP Pattern you use takes the client into a not so good state?

How do you test if your anchors are working if you are already in the desired state?

Breaker states are neutral states that you lead the client into during the intervention.

How do you do that?


The simplest way is to enagage the other person in a transderivational search?

Which means you ask a random question for which the other person has to think for a moment to get you an answer.


Ex: What did you have for breakfast? How did you get here?

It is helpful to change the physiology of the other person or location along with the above technique to increase the effectiveness.


Self Learning Exercise


  1. Engage in a conversation with someone
  2. Ask a random question and wait for their response
  3. Continue the conversation like nothing really happened


Advanced Practitioners

What if you just got your prospect concerned or worried in a sales meeting?

The trick is to create a short-term amnesia for whatever it is that you said and did. You can achieve that by directing the state of the other person non-verbally right after the breaker state. For more information you may want to read on Pattern Interrupt.



Want a demonstration?

Watch a Video or Ask someone in the next NLP India Meetup.

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