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NLP - Trick or Transformation?

Just Recently, I was chatting with someone and he told me that his Mother couldn't sleep for many days now and he used the Betty Erickson technique and she slept well. I asked him, do you know if your mother slept well the next day and the day after?

I have consistently encountered such situations, not just with NLP practitioners but almost everywhere. People come and say, "I did therapy and felt good then".

The question really is not if it felt good back then but rather are the transformations and changes persistent?


NLP can be used as Lie Detector - Fact or Fad?

One constant question that I always get ever since I started sharing about NLP is - Can I use NLP to know when someone is lying?

My answer to such questions has always been NO because I was certain that the person asking the question could never do it.  But Really - Is It Possible?

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