The greatest strength of humans is their instinct to personal safety. What if humans could also safeguard themselves from every unwanted influence?

You can’t not influence and you can’t not be influenced!

One of the natural tendencies of all living beings, from animals to humans – is the ability to be influenced by their immediate environment as well as influence other elements of their very environment.

The ability to influence or be influenced is nothing short of a miracle, for it allows us to adapt to our environment and learn to be a part of the eco-system.

Take for example the case of a human baby raised by wolves? Who do you reckon the baby will learn to walk like? The baby- by the power of being influenced moves like a wolf, which is imperative for his survival in the jungle.

The very essence of our learning is packaged with influence. It is our ability to be influenced that is a critical component of our learning. But while it is amazing to possess the ability to be influenced – as long as it aids our personal growth, how and where do we stop those influences that threaten our security.

It is an important skill set to possess – the ability to manage your influencers. It is your ability to allow only the useful and good influences to change you. But how does one do precisely that?

By establishing an arrangement with your subconscious. Every person must create an SOS signal with their subconscious which will detect and warn the conscious mind of any ill or harmful intent that has the ability to influence them. The signal could vary from person to person – heaviness in the heart, or sudden awareness of odor or a distinct twitching. This signal will raise a red flag every time the person is in any kind of danger which may or may not be evident to the conscious mind.

However, considering the influence business to be of a risky nature, why can’t we just eliminate being influenced at all?  Because being influenced constantly is the best thing that can happen to them.

You will often find salesmen to have an instinct on the going about of their field. This is pure instinct molded by being influenced by their eco-system.

You will be surprised by the results of how much of a better leader you have become if you just allow your team to influence you. Same is true for a family where grandparents not only influence grandkids but in turn, are influenced back by them – continuing the ecology of a healthy family.

Master the art of being influential as you soak up the influence of the good and useful around you.


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