My time on this world is limited, but the things I can do with that time are not. – Jeb Corliss

Rightly said, the things you can do within that limited time are not limited. But, imagine doing a lot more than you think you can do in a lifetime which others only wish for? Imagine how would you live your life , set your targets if just one limitation could become your strength ? Imagine you could buy time with the right currency?

In life, things happen much faster provided we are fully prepared and ready for it.

This is what Antano talks about in this video :

The idea of the Project of the Heart is :
” How much time do you think does it actually take to write a book ? ”

The fastest I have known to finish a book is 3 days.

Have you heard about the name of the book “The structure of the magic” by Richard Bandler & John Grinder. So, these two guys sat all night and contributed the book to coffee. It took them only three days because the content was already there in the mind.

“Sometimes, there are a lot of things that you can do. It doesn’t takes as much time as we think it takes. But it happens much faster provided you are fully prepared and ready for it.”

Provided it is the right time to write a book, you get the difference?

So sometimes lets say you want to write the book and you sit down and write the book and then you’ll sit down for months and months and months, and it will appear like you’re almost finishing it but it is not yet finished. But then lets say, its the time when you have all the unconscious preparation in place. When I say unconscious preparation I am not talking about going into states but I am talking about the actual experiences in life that are necessary for you to complete that book. Now lets say you’ve finished that. You’ve all of that sorted and it’s in place , then it will take you only a matter of days to put that out.

So, there is this wisdom on choosing when to write the book, now similarly not just book , but any project that you may have thought of as a small child , when you were growing up , in the last year or in last five years , there are certain things that you consciously do but there are certain things that you’re equiped to do , so you get the difference between what you want to do and what you are equipped to do.

So, one of the things of the Project of the Heart is : we are going to allow your unconscious to choose the project because until now evry single batch I have noticed when the project is chosen from the unconscious , it is most times the project that you’re fully equiped to complete.

That is why most of you will be able to complete the most significant part of your life’s work in next 6-7 days. So, when we first did our SuperMasters, the promise was : In addition to mastering NLP and all other things, you’ll learn time distortion.

Now , there is only one problem with that , I knew how to distort time , I have seen people how to distort time , but I haven’t seen any systematic work on how to get everyone to distort time , so I had no idea how to teach everybody to distort time . But about 4-5 days before the SuperMasters , the structure of the program started to emerge, for the 7 days. I started saying things that : these are the things that we are going to do and one of them was “The Project of Heart”. So, I obviously write to John and I say, “We’re thinking of doing such a program; What do you think?” And he says, “You’re riding ahead of wind. Awesome. Have fun.”

And then I put the structure, we do the program and it is a grand success and people get what we have said, like time distortion. In the first batch we added a surprise gift, we added photo reading kit. The beautiful part was nobody knew they were being trained on it until the last day when we put them to test. But, the interesting thing about the entire experience was when I went back and I started thinking about the entire program, I started realizing it was not just four-five days before that event that I actually started preparing for it. I was actually preparing for it for many months because there were certain batches specifically in Delhi and Mumbai, were some of the stuff that I was teaching in SuperMasters, I started putting them to test.

So, I squeezed time in the uP! batches to test out a particular concept and another concept and then I thought back and I said, “Oh God, I have been preparing for this since 5-6 months. So, I write to John saying, “John, It wasn’t actually 5 days before the program when I started creating the structure, I just now realised that I had been testing out certain elements that I have been preparing for last 5-6 months.” Then, John writes back saying he has a radical frame to offer me- what if you had been preparing for it all your life. It kind of made sense because I thought back about everything we did in SuperMasters and it came from a structure that we came up with came from my own life’s journey, from everything that I have learned, not necessarily NLP.

So, I think at any given moment in time there are certain elements that your unconscious has been preparing for all your life that you’re really ready and capable and equipped to do at this moment.

That is the “Project of the Heart” and I want you to find out what it is and complete it. The thing is your relationship with project, your relationship with time, everything changes when you’re doing things you’re equipped to complete. I assure you I have never seen people to procrastination when there is something where they are passionate to do as well as equiped to do.

Procrastination typically happens if you’re not equipped to do it or its not the right time to do or if it is not really important and you’re not really passionate about it. That is the Project of the Heart. So, that is one of the most important things that we’re going to complete and that’ll mean a lot to lot of people.

Think of it as a sample of what you can actually do back at home. So, if you learn how to take something that is important to you and what otherwise would have taken months to complete if you could have completed that in 6 days. It will be a living metaphor for what you could do for the rest of your life.

Example from my life :

I got selected to present my research paper in the National Convention for CA Students , Mumbai. I could complete my preparation in merely 3 hours as I wrote my paper with extensive research. Moreover, I clinched the Best Paper Presenter Award for my presentation. As I was ready for it.

What is the value that you will earn over the coming years:

Over the passage of time, you can bridge the gap between what you want to do and what you are equipped to do in lesser time. Moreover, you can complete things- which you are already equipped to do and along with the fact that you want to do it as well.

You can apply this learning in almost every aspect of your life provided you have the required skills and you are willing to do those things in your life. For example , you can apply this while preparing for your interview, learning how to play a particular instrument, while attending a seminar as a guest speaker etc.

Learning how to do things faster can help you to buy more time. Consequentially you be will able to do more things at the same life time.

Adding more time to your life can create a favourable difference to you and your family, even your colleagues. As a result, you are bound to achieve more than your peers. Along with that, you will be able to lead your organisation to the top of your industry.


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