The School of Excellence - Team

School of Excellence Team

Both the founders have trained with John Grinder (Co-Founder of NLP), Carmen Bostic and Michael Caroll. They have worked with a diverse range of people like Investors, Top Executives, Performers and only train what they have been able to apply for themselves in their own lives. And, they are continuously coached by the co-founder Dr. John Grinder to make 'impossible' actually happen.


Antano Solar John

Antano continuously uses NLP to transform the lives of people he meets, which includes excellence coaching, personal transformations and habit changes. He started with NLP in high school when he realized he was both gifted with an extra ordinary ability to program and to teach it to his classmates. Later when he was in college, he went around solving technology challenges when even experts got stuck, even if technologies that were alien to him. He realized that he was able to transfer this skill to learn any technology quickly and started exploring NLP again as it resonated with his own natural experience. In this process, he has learned about the whole process of modeling and continuously practices to become an NLP modeler, who can acquire various skills from talents around the world.


He has trained thousands of learners in various skills and is currently focused on developing training methods that yield generative transformations and unconscious competency. That is transformations that lead to other transformations in a natural way, having the learned skill at the right time in the right place spontaneously.





Harini Ramachandran

Harini - Popularly known as Megha, is an established playback singer. Apart from training Corporates and Students in Business and soft skills, combining her unique music and NLP skills, she works with those who believe they can’t sing, rhythm or tone deaf music aspirants and transforms their musical journey. Harini got involved in NLP when practicing for a performance. She realized how easily she could remember lyrics with some NLP techniques. This curiosity, mixed with the question why is this not available to everyone, has transformed her into rarity gifted with Music and NLP.

She is a certified NLP Master practitioner and Trainer. She has also finished her Trainer's training with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic and Michael Caroll. She has already impacted many lives in her own industry and now with School of Excellence, she is set to extend the domain of both NLP and herself.




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