School of Excellence

School of Excellence identifies a Genius, codes their skill and nurtures a business to make that skill and its benefits available to every individual, interested.

The Opportunity

Often you look at people who move like magicians in the World. No matter what they are good at, they just seem to be way better than anyone else in their own domain or industry. We call this excellence. We call this artistry. The good news is that in the past 50 years it has been discovered that such skill-based excellence can be modeled and transferred in a way you can become excellent and still maintain your own individuality!

The Method

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) modelers have found so many models of excellence for every field and having modeled them, have made available a vast knowledge of the structure and methods for such excellence.

The Gap

The question is how many can really benefit from such coded models? It takes a very skilled NLP practitioner to transfer skill using such Models. And is not available for everyone to benefit from as there are very few skilled practitioners who can do 'process installations'. Our Solution And hence, School of Excellence! Our Objective here is to make these coded models of excellence available to everyone. School of Excellence (SOE) bridges this gap by creating the technology, education and business models necessary to engage in transfer of excellence that is unique to each field. School of Excellence thrives with the vision of generations and generations of excellence in every  field.

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