Project Transformation

Ever Considered Living Life to the Fullest?

How about being in Peak Performance at everything you do?

How wonderful would it be if you could Program Yourself for Excellence everywhere. At Work. At Home.

Excellence from the Top of your Head to the Tip of your Toe...


Get a Taste of NLP Now!


Some of you might:

Have a phobia? Any obsessive, compulsive habits - Nail biting, Addicted to Smoking / Drinking / Chocolates?

Nervous about something?

Got some bad, haunting, troublesome past memories?

Relationship troubles?

Or are you just feeling Low and Depressed?





Come, Rejoice, Renew your Life for the Better! Set yourself a positive, compelling direction. Program yourself for Excellence. Guard yourself from Limiting Beliefs and unwanted thoughts....

Be Automatically Programmed for Excellence. Now and Forever!

Life is Never going to be the same again after this session for you as NLP Practitioners, who New, Fresh, Equipped with the Latest technologies of Neuro Engineering, work on you to wash away your troubles, flush out your doubts and fears, and inject you with all the energy, enthusiasm and excitement towards your New Life.

Come, Be Transformed and Experience the New You.


Particulars of the Event:

Date  : 31st May 2014

Time  : 2pm to 4pm

Place : The Lalit, Mumbai

Fee    : FREE!


Prior Registration Compulsory


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