NLP Modelling

NLP, in its core, is modeling of human excellence. There are some people in the world who we call geniuses. There’s something that they do that clearly sets them apart from an average performer in the same field. NLP is about modeling the difference that makes the difference, modeling at an unconscious level the micro movements without making conscious sense of it and imitating it until one can reproduce the same behavior as that of a genius.

Once this is achieved, this model is made more elegant by eliminating the mannerisms that may be unnecessary and by coding these new changes mostly in sensory specific terms, thus making available an explicit model that others in the world can follow.

This is the heart of NLP – Modeling excellence.


Hear what John Grinder (Co-Creator, NLP) has to say about NLP and NLP Modelling:




However, there are very few people in the world who are in the field of Modeling excellence. Most people are fascinated by the Application of NLP – ie. The byproduct of Excellence Models.



More of Dr. Grinder on NLP Modelling:



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