Corporate Training

NLP Based Corporate Training

School of Excellence provides Result-oriented NLP Based Corporate Training using the Latest innovations in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming




Neuro Linguistic Programming is considered  the most effective tools for professional and personal evolution. It can be used for:

  • Personal development
  • Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Education
  • Organizational development
  • Personal Counseling
  • Leadership
  • Kindling the fire in the employees
  • Peak performance
  • Personal excellence
And a wide variety of features required in the corporate environment.
Principally, NLP is a concept of UnConscious Patterning and a very powerful method of enabling people achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. Essentially, what we do in NLP is, identifying the principle differences between a highly successful and efficient person, and mapping it on to an average person to bring them at par when we do modelling.
On the absolute personal level, NLP is used and applied to any area of the individual’s life that they wish to improve or develop upon. NLP provides the requisite tools to make those improvements a reality.
NLP can be termed as the ideal communication tool, increasing your expertise in both verbal and non-verbal language. The enormous potential of the hidden mind and also the emotional resources are exactly what NLP accesses, using the symbolic language of the unconscious mind. NLP can bring about lasting change in habits, behavioral patterns, for success and happiness.
Well known celebrities like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and many more speak well of NLP and its application benefits.



Persuasion Magic

Communication, Sales and Influence

How you can use your brain, body and language to get results you wouldn’t imagine possible in your Sales, Negotiations and Communication.

‘Persuasion Magic’ is a program that installs in you the mechanics of Human Influence.



Top Gun

Motivation and Direction 

For Organizations that engage in Rapid Growth, how is the Top Management prepared always to spearhead new initiatives and indulge actively in expansion activities.

The workshop is designed for quick orientation towards change, flexibility in thinking and execution.

For Whom? Top Management



Big Boots

Collapsing doubts & fears, Motivation and Direction 

How can you Sustain Peak Performance and creative thinking, manage relationships within the organization with natural charisma.

‘Big Boots’ program kindles the fire in employees to aspire and work towards taking up higher positions, strengthen relationships among co-workers, Be Prepared for Challenging Situations and be Stress Free.

For Whom?  Managers and Top Management. Also ideal for Organizations actively into Succession Planning



Get Set Go

Path for Excellence

‘Get Set Go’ workshop is engineered to orient freshers onto the path of excellence.

‘Get Set Go’ focuses on equipping employees to be in a high performance state, be prepared for any challenge and to win confidence and respect of the management with commitment their conduct, commitment to quality and excellence.

For Whom?  New Recruits, Employees with less than 2 years of Experience



Execution Excellence

Natural Rhythm & Flow for Execution

How does one deal with conflicting priorities, overload, challenging deadlines?

‘Execution Excellence’ lays the foundation to the Precision Model, GTD by David Allen and Essential NLP Skills with an added foundation on excellence in negotiation, resolving conflicts and communication in general.

For Whom?  Managers and above



NLP Practitioner Certification

The complete NLP package


NLP gives you the tools and skills necessary to program your neurology. You can use it for anything you fancy. Motivate yourself. Transform business. Help a friend Heal. Learn a new Skill. Get excellent at what you are already skilled at. Whatever you choose!


This course is made of 3 Modules – Persuasion Magic, Personal Excellence and Peak Performance. All in all, a workshop that covers length and breadth of NLP.



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