NLP Applications & Benefits

There are people who suffer from various phobias. Let’s take an example of the fear of Public Speaking, which is one of the world's top phobias. There are some brilliant speakers who can get audience of millions gripped to their speech, whilst there are people for whom even thinking of walking up to the stage is an impossible thing. These are two absolutely different subjective experiences.
NLP is a study of structure of subjectivity. By nailing down what precisely is different about the two experiences in terms of process (strictly not content) and with a whole array of tools and techniques developed, it can make a phobiac’s experience profoundly different. It can be as simple as making different images or changing the size, brightness, location of the image and spinning the feelings in a new direction, that makes a whole lot of a difference!

In the process of modelling, a whole bunch of techniques were created and tested time and again;  techniques that make lasting changes.


NLP, given the scope and brilliance, directly applies to almost every field in existence today.
Businessmen, Salesmen, Therapists, Health Professionals, Athletes and Educationists, all use NLP to bring themselves to more effective states of being excellent..


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