The Making of 100 Certified NLP Practitioners

100 Certified NLP Practitioners from School of Excellence Today!




7 Months Ago!

Just a couple of weeks more for our very special and very first batch of NLP Practitioner Course to begin. It was the success of this first batch that made us realize how much this  course means to the participants and why we need to do more of this. So our very very special thanks to the first set of practitioners from School of Excellence.... November 2011. The first 14 out of the 15 enrolled, chose to Learn with us even after those difficult decisions School of Excellence had to make, one of which meant that the certificate would not be signed by the co-founder as it was originally communicated when they had enrolled. One of the participant said, "I spoke to you and that was enough to know, that this is the program for me". A very heartfelt thank you to the first 14. Your trust in us is invaluable. 


December 2012

Right after the first batch, we were more confident and scheduled courses all over the country. Most of you chose us based only on our conversation over telephone. We didn't even have many testimony videos to share back then. And the only thing we knew was that you believed we are genuine, passionate and qualified. And this means a lot to us.  And, each of you have extended the field and contributed to the development of children, students, professionals in your own capacity. Some of you as Doctors, some as Friends, some as Therapists, some as Directors, Managers and Trainers and each in your own unique way. 




As of today, we have  just certified our first 100 practitioners and at current rate will cross 1000 the next year. Your writings to Harini and Me has only made us realize what a difference teaching and sharing this skill and art means to the world. And with this we thank the first 100 once again! You are very special to School of Excellence and will always be. 


Special Note:


A very special thanks to Preethi, Pavithra and Ashish Mishra for their invaluable support all the time!


Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran

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