Context Specific Modeling of Excellence for everyone 
using UnConscious Patterning

School of Excellence

Context Specific Modeling of Excellence for everyone by UnConscious Patterning

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What is NLP

NLP is the study of structure of subjective experience. The difference that makes the difference between 'geniuses' and  'the average'.

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About the Team

Antano & Harini - Celebrities in their own field, bring their magic to NLP.

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What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of how people think, remember experiences and learn.

Every time someone is speaking they are giving away how they think by the words they use, the way they breath, the non verbal movements in their body, their muscle tension, their eye movements etc.

NLP is a set of tools and skills that allows you to understand this in a way that allows you to be in rapport with the other person. To intervene at a level of core transformation, to influence, to sell and also to learn what the other person who may be a genious is able to do.

It also teaches you what to look for specifically. What to listen to? There are millions of things happening around you right now to which you do not pay attention. There is a specific way your feet feels, the difference in lighting in different parts of the room, the warmth of your clothes on your body, the distinct sounds that you hear. The rhythm of your heart beating and the way you breath and how it makes you feel. There is a reason why you are not aware of everything at the same time. Because that will be overwhelming. NLP points you precisely in the direction your focus of attention is useful.

It is primarily a tool of influence that you can use by transforming yourself to pay attention to the way the other person thinks. And it is so obvious and elusive that when you learn even just the fundamentals you may wonder how could have you been blind and deaf to these obvious patterns happening in front of you all the time.

NLP Applications & Benefits


NLP - given the scope and brilliance applies to almost every field in existance today.
Businessmen, salesmen, therapists, health professionals, athletes and educators all use NLP to bring themselves to more effective states of being...


Getting into Peak performance states, Influencing people yourself as an instrument, making miracles happen using Language, becoming an excellent learner and being able to pick up any skill in a profoundly effective way, moving from mediocrity to excellence, engineering change, making behaviorial changes that are permanent... And much, much more.

NLP Modelling

NLP in its core is modeling of human excellence. There are some people in the world who we call geniuses. There’s something that they do that clearly sets them apart from an average performer in the same field. NLP is about modeling the difference that makes the difference – modeling at an unconscious level the micro movements without making conscious sense of it and imitating it until one can reproduce the same behavior as that of a genius.

Once this is achieved, this model is made more elegant by eliminating the mannerisms that may be unnecessary and by coding these new changes mostly in sensory specific terms, thus making available an explicit model that others in the world can follow.

This is the heart of NLP – Modeling excellence.


Hear what John Grinder (Co-Creator, NLP) has to say about NLP and NLP Modelling:


School of Excellence


School of Excellence: Context Specific Modeling of Excellence for everyone 
using UnConscious Patterning

Often you look at people who move like magicians in the World. In whatever they are good they just seem to be way better than anyone else in their own domain or industry.

We call this excellence. We call this artistry.


The good news is in the past 50 years it has been discovered that such skill based excellence can be modeled and transferred in a way you can become excellent and still maintain your own individuality!

NLP modelers have found so many models of excellence for every field and having modeled them, have made available a vast knowledge of the structure and methods for such excellence.


"The most wonderful training program ever. It's a real eye-opener, a turning point in my life. I would recommend to anyone who has been looking for a change in their lives"

- Meyiete Nuh

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